The Reason Behind This Stray Dog Barking By Sewer Drain Will Shock You

It is well-known that dogs are humans’ best friends, but the friendship between two dogs can be pretty pawesome, too!

In fact, some dogs bond with their furry friends so much that they even refuse to leave their side even in what can only be called the worst of times!

That’s right!

Despite everything, they will stand next to each other, protecting their buddy from various threats, even if it means putting their own life in danger. 

The protagonist of the following story is exhibit A of what true dog friendship looks like. When his friend needed him the most, he stood by his side all night, begging passersby for help. Here’s why…

Loyalty At Its Best

dog in sewer
Source: @javi.rosenberg

One dog became the hero of the night when he refused to budge until he got some help for his stray buddy who was stuck in a sewer drain. This brave doggo didn’t only accompany his friend, but he did everything in his power to get the canine out! 

Javier Rosemberg, a famous TV broadcaster, was walking down the street with his two children when they heard a desperate dog yelping. 

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The family noticed a black and white dog standing on a nearby sidewalk, but they couldn’t determine why he was barking so much. 

girl helping the dog
Source: @javi.rosenberg

They came a little closer to see what was going on, and then everything became crystal clear! Rosemberg was shocked to see a pair of sad doggo eyes peeking from a sewer drain

Apparently, his black and white buddy was standing by his side the whole time, desperately trying to get someone to help his friend in need. And, as it turned out, he succeeded!

Back Together After A Successful Rescue

fireman and saved dog
Source: @javi.rosenberg

Thanks to the dog’s selfless act of loyalty, the community quickly came together! 

Firefighters soon responded to the call, alongside a local vet and numerous kind-hearted passersby who attended the rescue mission. They all joined forces to rescue the poor, white dog trapped in the drain. 

Even Teo, Rosemberg’s son, took his part in this noble action! He made sure to stand next to the black and white dog the whole time. He was literally in charge of calming him down until his buddy was finally safe.

two dogs walking down the street
Source: @javi.rosenberg

The mission was no picnic, especially due to the fact that the dog was evidently scared and anxious, but eventually, they managed to pull him out. And, as soon as they did – the two dogs immediately ran towards each other!

They ran off down the street, jumping around each other and being so happy to be together again! People who witnessed this rescue mission cheered in happiness after seeing the two friends celebrating their reunion.

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It is not that often that you see a random, selfless act of kindness on the street, but if we can say one thing with certainty, it is that this night definitely warmed everyone’s heart!

You can watch the whole rescue in the video below!

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