The reason why the camera on iPhone 13, iPhone 14 is flickering, changing shooting angle

Not a hardware fault, but simply some pre-installed Apple setting.

Recently, many iPhone 13 and 14 users who reflect on the phone camera often experience strange flickering when taking photos or videos, reducing image quality. Although updated to the latest iOS version, this strange error still does not go away, annoying many people.

According to iMore, this phenomenon can happen randomly, at any time. Users should also not be too worried because this is not a hardware error but simply software or some feature has a problem.

One of the possible causes of camera flickering error is because the Macro shooting mode on newer devices automatically changes the shooting mode when the user gets close to the subject to capture.

In addition, this phenomenon can also occur when the exposure ability has problems with too bright light during shooting. At that time, the smartphone camera could not keep the exposure automatically or find the correct light balance, causing flickering on the shooting screen.

According to iMore, if you experience this phenomenon when getting close to any object, the most likely cause is because the iPhone switches from wide-angle shooting mode to super-wide angle. What you need to do is simply turn off the auto Macro mode on the device. To do this, go to Settings > Camera > Macro control and turn the switch off.

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How to fix macro feature settings.
After completing, the user reopens the Camera app to check if the flash error has been fixed or not. If not, the cause of the error may come from the device’s exposure ability. To fix this, users open the camera app and select the down arrow icon located in the upper corner of the screen. A variety of features and settings will appear on the home screen.

Users select the icon with + and – signs to open exposure settings. Here, you drag the exposure bar with your finger until the shot is clearer and the flare disappears.

How to fix exposure error on Camera.
According to iMore, changing the exposure settings will temporarily fix the flickering problem on the photography app. Users can also try restarting the device when encountering strange errors. If this problem does not go away, the device’s hardware is most likely damaged. Therefore, users need to bring it to the shop for repair. The error of flashing light spots on iPhone can be inconvenient and annoying during use.

Previously, when the iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max was released, many users also reported that the 48 MP main camera was shaking and making strange noises when used in social networking apps like Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram. Apple has acknowledged the problem, and is expected to release an update to fix it as soon as next week. Apple confirmed that users do not need to bring the device to the Apple Store for warranty, but will have to live with the error for a few more days.

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