The Secret This Stray Dog Living In An Abandoned House Was Hiding Will Warm Your Heart

When people started hearing dog cries coming from an abandoned house, they knew that somebody in there needed help.

They immediately contacted Stray Rescue of St. Louis – a rescue group who was more than happy to come and investigate.

Rescue Mission

dog in a bunch of garbage
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When the St. Louis rescuers came, they rushed into the house to see who was trapped inside.

They were soon met with a very nervous and frustrated dog who was barking and growling, not letting the rescuers come near her.

And, she had a good reason for doing so. She was protecting her babies!

“She’s most scared about her puppies. That’s what her problem is,” said one of the rescuers.

The rescuers did manage to put a leash around the mama dog’s neck, but she still refused to go with them.

black dog tied up
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However, once they got her babies safely out of the abandoned house, she realized that the hoomans were there to help. 

Seeing how calm the mama was, they knew that they got all of her puppies out, but they still decided to go in and double-check.

While inside, they were surprised to find the dad, too.

dog in the abandoned house
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New Life

After safely getting the whole family out of the house, they were swiftly taken to the rescue where they got a thorough checkup.

Being such an adorable little bunch, the whole family got adopted in no time.

Their new hoomans keep in touch with each other, making sure that the little family gets together from time to time.

I still keep in touch with Ned’s mom, who’s his brother’s mom. We say it all the time, we have never met dogs that are more sensitive, it’s really sweet,” said Rachel Packard, the hooman who adopted one of the puppies.

smiling dog
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“He’s so sweet, it’s ridiculous. He is the sweetest thing ever. He has those big puppy eyes!” said Laura Brym, Ned’s mom.

happy dog sleeping
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