The Smallest Dog In The World And Her Dad Love Going On Amazing Adventures Every Day

Life can sometimes be very cruel, and in the very beginning, bring us to the wall. Illness, poverty, or any other adversity can render us helpless to do anything sometimes. 

But, life wouldn’t be what it is if miracles didn’t happen sometimes and the most beautiful and happiest stories were written.

Today’s story is a miracle in itself, and shows how immense faith and love can turn an apparently hopeless situation around.

A Rough Beginning

portrait of a man holding the smallest dog in his hands
Source: YouTube

When a small Poodle named Hope was born, she was just 2 pounds, while the standard weight for a newborn female Poodle is 4 to 7 lbs. 

Rodney Mclean, one of the founders of K911 Animal Ambulance, was taking care of her, and was told by the veterinarians that she had dwarfism and wouldn’t live more than 48 hours. 

It is either a medical or a genetic condition characterized by individuals with significantly shorter stature. When it comes to dogs, it appears in one out of a billion dogs. And, in most cases, the dog doesn’t survive. 

When Rodney heard all that awful information, he was devastated at first… so much so that he was on the verge of tears. 

Still, Rodney didn’t lose hope. He waited for those two days to pass to see what would happen. The best thing happened… the pup was alive. That’s when Rodney decided to call her Hope.

Of course, Rodney knew that the battle was just about to start, but he and the courageous dog were ready to become the winners. 

“For the first five weeks of her life, she had to be fed,” said Rodney “That’s a tube right down to her stomach making sure she had nourishment.”

After that, he took over her care and had to get up every three hours to make sure she had enough food. It was like that every day for four full months. 

Happy And Playful Against All Odds

a man is holding a dog that is trying to walk
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Four hard months passed, and Hope was alive and well. She was a cheerful doggie and everything was play to her. 

Although the standard weight for a Poodle is somewhere between 7 and 12 pounds, she was just 11 ounces, making her the smallest dog in the world at that moment.

Rodney said that Hope didn’t even know that she was smaller than other dogs, and her cheerful personality only confirmed that. 

Aside from that, her health was great, and the vets did not notice that there could be any deterioration in the near future.

To cheer her up and make her life easier, her daddy, Rodney, would take her to his office every day and play with her. These were moments of pure happiness for Hope, which helped keep her alive despite her illness.

Unfortunately, on February 2, 2015, K911 Animal Ambulance – Ambulance Animaux K911 posted on their official Facebook page sad news. Hope crossed the rainbow bridge and she is not with us anymore. 

all about the smallest poodle
Source: K911 Animal Ambulance – Ambulance Animaux K911

But, we are still delighted that she lived through all those happy moments with the ones that loved her the most, and that she was a true warrior that fought against all odds. 

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