These Puppies Were So Scared Of Their Rescuers Until They Realized They Were Finally Safe

Just the other day, I stumbled upon a stray dog and I wanted to pet him, but he was just too scared of me. Why is that unfortunate?

Is it just abuse or could it be something else? Another cause could be separation, as not growing up around humans can lead them to have a sense of fear towards them.

Even when we mean well, they see us as a potential threat. In this story, we will talk about puppies who are also scared of humans, and learn how to trust them after being rescued.

A Difficult Rescue

photo of scared puppies
Source: The Dodo

When a group of rescuers working for Hope For Paws, from California, came to save a small group of puppies, they were not surprised to see that they were really fearful of them.

The prolonged isolation from humans likely led to this fear and they just didn’t know if the rescuers were trustworthy.

They were hiding out in a cave, which made it really difficult to reach them, and anytime one of them tried, the puppies would go back in.

woman holding a puppy
Source: The Dodo

One idea they had was to bait them with some food, which worked, as they were pretty hungry and just wanted to eat something.

It worked for one puppy, but after seeing what happened, the other three ran back into the cave again.

A Successful Rescue Mission

puppies in a cave
Source: The Dodo

This proved to be even more troublesome, as they went too deep inside the cave and there weren’t many more ways to get them out.

One rescuer tried taking a loop in order to ‘fish them out’, as they were not taking the food bait anymore.

Even though they were scared after having a leash attached to them, they quickly calmed down after realizing that their rescuers only wanted to help them.

dog and puppies in the yard
Source: The Dodo

After finally rescuing all of the puppies, they took them to the shelter in California where it was quickly established that all of them were in perfect health.

This was good news, as it sped up the progress on their adoption. Not too soon after being taken in the shelter, they were already in foster care.

Some time had passed and the four puppies, one by one, were adopted by a new family and taken to their forever home.

This story just goes to show us how it’s important to never pass on frightened dogs, as many of them have a lot of love to give… we just need to show them that we care.

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