This Abandoned Puppy Was Living In A Ditch Before He Found His Forever Home

All dogs crave love and affection, but they sometimes fall in the hands of heartless people who abuse them. Hearing horrifying stories of dogs becoming victims of indescribable cruelty fills our hearts with deep sadness. 

The following story of an abandoned pup, Cookie, is another harrowing tale of betrayal and human cruelty. Let’s see how her story begins.

A man spotted her lying in the ditch and called the animal shelter. The rescue team immediately rushed to save the poor dog.

Terrible Injuries

injured puppy in the ditch
Source: Animal Shelter

When the rescue team approached the poor pup, the first thing they noticed was the rotting smell, which made them even more scared for her health. 

The puppy’s desperate and kind eyes followed her rescuers’ every move. They knew how scared she was. The little one was also wearing a diaper, which surprised them and raised many questions about her owner. 

How could her owner abandon her and leave her in such awful conditions? 

The rescue team immediately wrapped the scared puppy in a blanket and picked her up. It was at that moment that they saw her severely infected and decomposing back legs. The poor pup was in pain, and she was immediately taken to the hospital.

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The Necessary Surgery

man holding injured puppy at vet clinic
Source: Animal Shelter

As soon as the doctors examined her, they decided to perform surgery to save her life. The surgery itself was successful, but unfortunately, the little pup was left paralyzed and unable to use her back legs due to her terrible injuries.

The kind staff at the shelter gave her all the love and care she missed for so long. You can see that she just can’t get enough of the cuddles they give her.

puppy wears a cone after surgery
Source: Animal Shelter

The shelter volunteers were happy to see how quickly and happily she ate her first meal at the hospital. They named her Cookie because she was as sweet as her new name suggests.

She is a real fighter, and despite her back legs being paralyzed, the kind members of the shelter took her on walks with the help of a harness that kept her rear lifted off the ground.

Her Place Under The Sun

Soon, a kind family adopted Cookie, and she finally got a loving home. Taking care of a paralyzed puppy isn’t easy, but her new family was committed to giving her all the love she craved. A year after Cookie found her forever home, her family sent a video to the animal shelter.

You can see how cheerful Cookie is and how much she enjoys her home. She loves lying in her bed and playing with her favorite stuffed toy, Woody, the Cowboy.

puppy playing with a toy in his bed
Source: Animal Shelter

Our heroine finally got the happy ending she deserved. I truly hope she stays in good health while she enjoys making lots of happy memories that will erase all the suffering she has been through.

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We’re overjoyed to have witnessed the abundance of good deeds in Cookie’s story, and we are immensely grateful to all the good and selfless people who have contributed to saving her life. Good triumphed over evil, and it always will.

If you want to see Cookie’s incredible rescue, check out the video below.

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