This Adorable Yorkie Was Abandoned In A Box, But Then Something Wonderful Happened

When a street camera caught a man leaving a cardboard box on the side of the road and running away, one would never think that inside of it was a little helpless pup.

An hour later, the same guy came back, and when he saw that the box was still there, he approached it and picked it up.

Upon first glance, it looks as if he regretted leaving the dog, but just a few moments later, he puts the box down and takes off again.

A tinny Yorkshire puppy who was now left all alone waiting for help was being drenched in rain. Luckily, the local animal rescue found him just in time and took him in.    

At The Vet 

cute shaggy dog just bathed
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The poor pup didn’t stop shivering even when he was all dry and cozy.

After the vet exam, they determined that he had a pretty bad injury to his back legs and they weren’t sure how he got it. Luckily, it was not a life-threatening injury and it wouldn’t affect his life too much.

As soon as his blood tests came back, which determined he was in perfect health, the little pup, now named Enzo, was ready to leave the vet and go to his new home.

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At first, he was quite scared. Everything was completely new for him and he just kept looking around. Then, his new hooman offered him some food, letting him know that he is in safe hands now and that there is nothing to be scared of.

Starting His New Life

a cute dog peeks out in its carrier
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Shortly after, Enzo understood that he was out of harm’s way. He started coming out of his blankets and even playing with his hooman. Unfortunately, he was still weak and couldn’t walk easily.

Before Enzo got released from the vet, his new owner was told that he should encourage Enzo to walk as much as possible since this would help him strengthen his muscles and speed up his recovery. And, he did exactly that!

His hooman found out that Enzo has a favorite toy that he loves spending time with. So, he pretended that his toy was alive, walking away from Enzo so that he would have to chase it.

the dog on the tiles plays with a teddy bear
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Not too long after, his favorite toy was replaced by his favorite hooman so he started running towards him, giving him kisses and cuddles.

Other dogs didn’t really like playing with him, but that didn’t matter to Enzo. As long as he had his toys and his hooman, he was one happy pupper.

He loves his new life very much and he even celebrated his three-week anniversary at his new home with a little cake to share with all of his toys.

the rescued dog celebrates its third birthday
Source: Youtube

Final Word

I am so happy that Enzo’s life turned out as perfect as a dog’s life can be. 

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However, not everybody has this luck. If you are no longer able to take care of your dog, please take him directly to your local shelter. Don’t leave him confused and scared on the street. Give him another chance at a happy life!

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