This Amazing Mama Dog Was Rescued Mere Moments Before Giving Birth In The Car

Rebecca Lynch and her husband, Kevin Lynch, were on a vacation in Savannah, Georgia. On their way back home to Florida, Rebecca got a very honorable idea – to stop at a local animal rescue and save a dog that needs their help the most. 

They had a space and means to help, and were very aware of Georgia’s problem with overpopulation and high-kill shelters. 

A little ‘pit stop’ turned out to be a very special one they would never forget. 

Saving The Neediest Dog 

a pregnant dog is riding in a car
Source: Rebecca Lynch

When they arrived at the shelter, they learned about Lizzy. This young terrier girl was in a high-kill shelter, pregnant, heartworm positive, and had a broken leg. 

By being at high risk of euthanasia, to say that this poor girl was definitely ‘the neediest dog’ at the shelter would be an understatement. 

Thanks to Rebecca and her very tolerant husband, Lizzy and her unborn babies were saved just in time. 

They had an hour-long drive back to Orlando, Florida before them, so they did everything they could to make this sick, very pregnant, and scared dog more comfortable. 

“I knew she was nervous and scared, and I just wanted to comfort her on the ride,” Rebecca told The Dodo. They placed a bed and a blanket for her at the back of their car, and Rebecca sat next to her, petting her softly. 

the dog is looking out the window while driving
Source: Rebecca Lynch

They wanted to make sure that she gave birth in a comfortable, stress-free environment at their home in Florida, but sweet Lizzy had some other plans. 

About an hour into the drive, Lizzy started giving birth.

The Little Puppy Family 

the dog gave birth in the car
Source: Rebecca Lynch

Lizzy gave birth to three puppies while Rebecca acted as a midwife. “She was a pro! We went straight to the vet, and they said everything looked good,” Lynch said. 

However, that wasn’t all. 

She gave birth to one more puppy at the vet and two more on the car ride home – 6 healthy and beautiful puppies in total. 

newly weaned puppies
Source: Rebecca Lynch

“Lizzy is a doll. Bless her heart, with all that she’s been through in her short life, she is so loving and trusting. She is a gentle and loving soul. Pretty remarkable,” Rebecca said. 

They fostered and took care of the puppies until they were old enough to be adopted. Thankfully, all of them went to amazing homes where they’re loved and spoiled rotten. 

And, as for Lizzy, she obviously stayed at her forever home. 

“Lizzy stayed put, of course. She’s a Lynch, and we love her to pieces. She and our Poodle, Cooper, are best pals, and she has really taken a liking to our 4 yr old niece, Lilly, they have a special friendship 🥰,” Rebecca wrote in her Facebook post. 

Her leg had to be amputated, sadly, but other than that, she is one happy and healthy pup living her best life.

the dog is sitting on the grass and looking at the camera
Source: Rebecca Lynch

Rebecca is also the Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida’s President, and since 2008, she and her team have saved thousands of lives. Visit here to learn more about their organization and how to help.

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