This Dog Is A Mix Of 13 Different Breeds And He Is Just So Adorable

If dog breeds were a colorful palette, Peanut would be the Picasso of pups – a furry masterpiece with 13 different brushstrokes!

A touch of a big, squishy face and big, floppy ears mixed with a little dog’s body… like a perfect, but very unconventional jigsaw puzzle of breeds. 

In the end, every breed comes perfectly together to create the one-of-a-kind companion. 

Now, zoom in on a woman with a heart as big as her smile who decided to give a home to this one-of-a-kind companion. 

Step by step, a perfect picture of fur and friendship was created, as unique as the pup himself. 

A Supermutt Extraordinaire 

portrait of a dog with big ears lying on a shaggy carpet
Source: @nutterbutterrescuepupper

Peanut was surrendered to Nevada Humane Society, in Reno. 

Although his previous owners loved him very much, they didn’t have the financial means to take care of his dental needs, so they had to give him up. 

After taking out his teeth, the shelter needed someone to foster Peanut until he recovered, and luckily, they had someone at their shelter who was perfect for the job. 

“The dog care manager asked if I might be interested in fostering him. And I said, yes. I had just actually lost my first rescue dog a couple of days before. After about a week, I knew I was gonna keep him because he was just an amazing dog who needed a home.”

Kristin’s first rescue dog was called Petey. 

He was an old, overweight, and incredibly overlooked dog at the shelter. 

After having Petey in her life and experiencing an amazing five years of love, loyalty, and companionship, Kristin decided to volunteer at the shelter in Reno.  

Volunteering turned into joining the board of directors, and eventually, fully working at the shelter. 

a cute chubby dog in a man's arms
Source: @nutterbutterrescuepupper 

Just a couple of days after losing Petey, Kristin met Peanut, and she completely fell in love with this unique dog. 

“He just won me over right away,” Kristin told GeoBeats Animals. “When I saw him for the first time knowing that I was gonna foster him, he just kinda had this look in his eye, like ‘can you help me? I’m just so sad, and I’m so scared’.”  

However, Peanut was not an ordinary dog that needed help. 

His appearance alone tells you how unique he is.

Peanut’s DNA Reveal 

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Source: @nutterbutterrescuepupper

Due to his unusual looks, people would often compare Peanut with either Baby Yoda, a bunny, or a gerbil. 

“He has a big dog face on a little dog body, so big squishy face, big floppy ears, tiny little Chihuahua body,” Kristin said.  

They got a DNA test, but the results left them with more questions than answers. “Everything he looks like, he’s not,” Kristin said.

Corgi? No.

He must be a Shar Pei? No, No. 

Perhaps a Frenchie? Also, negative. 

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Source: @nutterbutterrescuepupper

Amazingly, Peanut turned out to be a mix of 13 different breeds in total. 

His top five breeds are: Chihuahua, Dachshund, Shih Tzu, Samoyed, and Pekingese. 

The other breeds include Pomeranian, Poodle (Toy and Mini), Chow Chow, Australian Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie, Mini American Shepherd, and Nordic Spitz. 

embark results
Source: @nutterbutterrescuepupper 

“I just call him a supermutt extraordinaire. He’s just the most unique looking dog ever.” 

Peanut and Kristin have an amazing bond. He loves to be around her all the time, and she loves having him with her as well. 

She has three other senior rescue dogs at home, and three rescue cats, and Peanut is amazing with all his fur siblings.

a smiling girl sits on the couch next to her adopted dogs
Source: @nutterbutterrescuepupper 

“Rescue animals are some of the most amazing, genuine animals, and they all deserve a chance at their forever home and a loving home. Peanut is just an incredible dog. He brings joy and just peace and comfort to so many people. And I just hope he knows how special he is,” Kristin said.     

If you want to help other senior dogs just like Peanut, please consider donating to Nevada Humane Society or adopting one of the pooches!

For more Peanut content, follow him on Instagram, @nutterbutterrescuepupper.

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