This Dog Lived In A Shelter For 650 Days But Then An Unexpected Note Arrived To His Door

A shelter dog has only one wish, and that is to find a loving home and someone who will cherish him forever. 

For Snoopy – a doe-eyed Staffordshire Terrier dog – this wish has been a long time in the making. 

This beautiful senior dog has spent more than 650 days at Benton-Franklin Humane Society, in Kennewick, Washington, dreaming every single day of a forever home. 

But, no matter how much he wished to be adopted, it sadly wasn’t happening… until one volunteer at the shelter decided to post online about this beautiful boy whom all of them loved so dearly. 

Dreaming Of A Forever Home

dog in a shelter, sitting on the floor and looking up at the camera
Source: @jsaraceno

Snoopy is a special-needs senior dog that suffers from Cushing’s disease, and he gets overlooked all the time because of it. 

He has spent 650+ days at the shelter waiting for his person to come by, but unfortunately, that never happened. 

Cushing’s disease has given him issues with hearing, eyesight, and weight, so he needs to be on a special diet and take meds to treat it. All of this has contributed to him being overlooked by potential adopters. 

dog on the green grass
Source: @jsaraceno

All the volunteers at the shelter have fallen in love with this beautiful boy and his sweet nature. Julie Saraceno, one of the long-time shelter volunteers, recently posted on her social media about Snoopy and his endearing habit. 

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The video quickly went viral, and Snoopy finally got the attention he deserved. 

Living behind closed bars is not easy, so in order to soothe himself, little Snoopy sucks on his blanket. 

Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.

Objavu dijeli Julie Saraceno (@jsaraceno)

Ever since Snoopy came to the shelter, he has been doing this to soothe himself. “To my knowledge, he sucks on his blankets and his toys too. He received a stuffed Snoopy toy, and he sucks on that too,” Saraceno told Newsweek. 

It didn’t take long for everyone to see what an actual lovebug Snoopy is. In the following days, Snoopy received many gifts (blankets, toys, food, donations); however, he was still yet to be adopted. 

An Extra Special Gift

Snoopy received many gifts, but one particularly stood out. 

One of Saraceno’s followers, an 11-year-old girl named Emmy, wrote Snoopy a handwritten letter. 

“Dear Snoopy, I’m wishing you best of luck finding a home. I see you on Instagram, and every post makes me so sad because you deserve a loving home. You’re so lucky to be at such a great shelter, though. Remember that disability does not mean disposed of. Just looking at your face tells me you’re a kind soul. Again, I’m wishing you the best for the rest of your life. I wish I could adopt you myself, but I’m an eleven-year-old. You’re such a handsome boy, and I hope you like the stuffy and treats. Sending hugs, Emmy”

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Objavu dijeli Julie Saraceno (@jsaraceno)

Dreams Do Come True 

Not long after Snoopy’s story went viral, a local foster-based rescue (Forgotten Dog Rescue) decided to reach out and propose an exciting offer. 

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“We kept seeing videos of Snoopy, a senior pittie with medical issues who had been in the shelter for two years, and we knew we needed to help. The shelter staff and volunteers have taken amazing care of him and love him so much, but he deserves to be in a home!,” the rescue said in their Instagram post. 

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So, after two years of living in a kennel, Snoopy was finally off to live in his first foster home. Everyone at the BFHS was thrilled with this news, but the goodbye was still bittersweet. 

They all gathered in front of the shelter to give Snoopy one last hug and say their goodbyes. 

Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.

Objavu dijeli Julie Saraceno (@jsaraceno)

Snoopy is now living in his long-term foster home, snuggling with his blanket, relaxing in his luxurious beds, playing with his toys, and feeling all the love! 

After all the sorrow, his dreams finally came true. 

dog laying on the bed
Source: @jsaraceno

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