This Dog Spent 3 Years At The Shelter Just Because Of Her Breed

It is true when we say that dogs are better off at shelters than wandering around the cold and harsh streets. However, when their stay at the shelter turns out to be longer, these puppies start to become hopeless, sad, and depressed.

That is exactly what happened to Maggie, a beautiful Pit Bull who spent three years at the shelter, looking for the perfect family.  

Love At First Sight

dog in the back yard
Source: @maggiepotamus

A woman named Jen made an incredible decision to go into a shelter and adopt whatever dog needed a loving home the most. There, she met Maggie.

Maggie was found after a massive hurricane hit Texas, and she has been at the shelter ever since, and it was most likely because of her breed.

“Bully breeds are the least likely to get adopted, especially when they are dark-colored and when they are older,” Jen told GeoBeats.

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Source: @maggiepotamus

As soon as Jen and Maggie met, it was love at first sight.

New Life

As soon as Maggie realized that she finally had a home of her own, she was the happiest pup on earth.

She loved spending time with her hooman, playing, eating, and sleeping in the big human bed, even though she had her own.

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Objavu dijeli Maggie and Jen (@maggiepotamus)

However, not everybody was a fan of Maggie at first. When she first got to the house, Jen’s mom, Gigi, ran up to her room and closed the door because she was afraid of her.

“I think Maggie knew from the beginning that Gigi was like really nervous. Maggie was really calm with her, relaxed, and would immediately just like lay down at her feet, kind of roll over on her belly and she just wanted love,” added Jen.

In no time, Gigi realized that all Maggi wanted was love and a whole lot of belly rubs.  

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Source: @maggiepotamus

Now, Maggie can tell whenever she and Jen enter Gigi’s neighborhood, getting super excited, and as soon as she is inside the house, she does not want to leave.

Another person that Maggie absolutely adores is Jen’s partner. She is always around him, taking all the cuddles she can get.

“She knows that she has Gigi and my boyfriend wrapped around her finger. So if mom says no to something, she absolutely runs to them to get what she wants,” she stated. 

Pure Joy

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Source: @maggiepotamus

Apart from the wonderful hoomans in her life, Maggie also loves lying down.

It doesn’t even matter if it is a comfortable bed or soft grass, whenever she feels like it, she will plop down and have a little nap.

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Objavu dijeli Maggie and Jen (@maggiepotamus)

Maggi also managed to find a way to communicate with Jen, making sure she gets whatever it is that she needs.

“Hippopotamuses communicate through grunts and snorts and Maggie does too. She has six, very unique snorts and grunts that communicate different things to me,” said Jen.

Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.

Objavu dijeli Maggie and Jen (@maggiepotamus)

It is clear enough that Maggie and Jen are meant to spend their lives together. Their incredible dynamic makes anybody around them just filled with joy.

“She is my universe. I don’t want to go anywhere without her. I wake up every morning excited to be cuddling with my angel,” Jen concluded.

woman kissing dog on the head
Source: @maggiepotamus

Final Word

It is truly incredible to witness how strong of a bond a dog and a human can create.

The fact that Maggie wasn’t given a chance for three years truly breaks my heart since she is obviously an incredible dog. However, maybe she was just waiting for the right human to come along.

And, the wait sure was worth it.

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