This Dog Spent Most Of His Life On The Chain Before Finally Being Rescued 

As someone who proudly owned a sweetest German Shepherd in the past, I can say that his favorite activities were always running around the yard during daytime and exploring.

Dogs are naturally a very active species and not getting that physical stimulation can be really bad for them.

It’s precisely this reason why it’s so horrible how some owners tie their dog up in the yard and never let the poor animal do anything.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who had a similar fate, but was eventually saved by an amazing person.

The Sweetest Dog

a rescued dog eats food from a woman's hand
Source: YouTube

When Rachael first saw Hunter, she decided to greet him and see if he needed help. As it turns out, this poor dog had spent days chained without any ability to move around.

She gave him some food because he seemed really hungry. It was pretty apparent that this dog really enjoyed human attention and just wanted to be free.

The owner came out and Rachael asked him if he wanted to sell the dog. Without much hesitation, he said yes.

She told The Dodo: He told me Hunter was not going on walks regularly, because he was ‘too much to handle’.

a dog on a leash sniffs the grass in the garden
Source: YouTube

After they got off of the property, Hunter started exploring his surroundings, looking and smelling everything he saw.

When they finally got to the car and started driving, Rachael noticed just how much happier the dog seemed now that he was finally off the leash.

A Brand-New Beginning

portrait of a dog sitting and looking at the camera
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When they finally arrived at her home, Rachael let Hunter just run around the yard for a bit and explore.

She said: I don’t think he ever had a toy. And he was carrying it so proudly.

With this new environment and so much to see, Hunter was more than happy to learn from Rachael. 

And, he was a very quick learner, as he managed to pick up on basic visual cues pretty fast. 

To make it interesting for him, Rachael and her fiance would take him for walks pretty regularly so he could make up for some of the lost time.

However, they noticed something unusual about his behavior. He didn’t like being around her fiance, or men in general, likely due to an underlying cause.

Rachael thought it might be good for him to have a behavioral evaluation in order to establish what was wrong with him.

Hunter’s New Foster Parent

a dog runs around the garden with its tongue out
Source: YouTube

It was clear to them that he needed to go on rehabilitation, as he had endured a lot of trauma in his life. 

To help him, Rachael took him to see his new foster, Kylie, from Rubicon Rescue, in Arizona.

Even though she got attached to Hunter in the short time they spent together, she knew it was time to say goodbye.

She did not want to miss out on his progress, so she gets updates from Kylie on his new journey in Arizona. 

Rachael said: He plays with him in the yard. He’s getting to run around and actually enjoy life like he should’ve his entire life.

Even though we don’t know what happened later, I think we can safely assume that Hunter is in good care and enjoying his daily exploration adventures.

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