This Frightened Stray Dog Just Wanted A Family And Then Something Amazing Happened

One thing I notice pretty often where I live is just how many stray dogs there are and how little care they are given.

Most of the time, people would not even look at them when they’re passing near them, and other times, they would suffer abuse for no reason. It’s an absolutely horrible thing that needs to stop.

However, this story is a bit different. In this one, we will talk about a certain person who helped a single stray dog get a new chance at life.

Kind Person Helping A Dog

dog hiding in the bushes
Source: Chibi Vlog

During one of her routine calls, a rescuer, Chibi Teddy, came across a stray dog hiding out near a wooden fence, hoping nothing would harm her.

She tried to hide from her rescuer because she didn’t know if Teddy was there to help her or harm her. Who knows how much she had endured before her rescuer came?

Upon getting close to the pup, she tried to ease her up with some food, which she gladly accepted as she was likely starving.

scared puppy
Source: Chibi Vlog

After that, Teddy very carefully tried to lift her up and place her in a kennel, but she didn’t seem to like it.

She was still very scared and unsure of what to do. Upon placing her in the kennel, it was like something shifted immediately.

A New Hope For The Pup

dog standing on blue towel
Source: Chibi Vlog

This sweet pup was no longer scared, and was even wagging his tail at the sight of her rescuers. Teddy gave her even more food and water, which seemed to put her at ease completely.

It was now time to take her to a veterinarian clinic and give her a much-needed checkup and treatment.

After they were done with everything, the pup was given a warm bath, which soothed her and made her feel comfortable.

photo of dog eating
Source: Chibi Vlog

Teddy then took her into a forever home where this sweet dog grew and finally enjoyed her life.

She now has her own collar and a sweet little bed that she enjoys napping in a lot of the time.

Even though she still remains a little bit skittish around other people, she just loves being around Teddy, and I am just so happy to see that she got her happy ending.

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