This Funny Dog Didn’t Want To Interact With Her Sibling, So She Pretended To Be Blind

We’ve all seen our dogs do strange things when confronted with something new or trying to avoid taking responsibility.

I guess they just don’t know how to deal with new situations, so they adapt in any way that comes to their mind. 

Because of this, they will act very out of character. In this story, we will talk about a woman from Los Angeles who noticed that her dog started acting strange when they got a new dog.

A New Companion

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Source: Elle Nailga via The Dodo

When Elle Nailga started working more, there was just one problem she was facing… her dog had to spend more time on his own.

She did not want this for Bella, so she thought of a brilliant idea. They got a new puppy and a sibling for her, named Baguette.

At first, things went well and the two spent time playing together almost all the time. However, unbeknownst to Nailga, this became a big problem for Bella.

Because Baguette was always an energetic dog who just loved playing, she did not realize that Bella was different from her.

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Source: Elle Nailga via The Dodo

Now, Bella had to come up with a plan to adapt to the situation at hand, and it was an unusual one.

Nailga noticed that her dog had started moving differently and acting strange. She would bump into things, but it didn’t seem like that big of a deal at first.

Then, the next day, it changed quickly. Nailga told The Dodo: One morning, I woke Bella and Baguette up to play fetch. I threw the toy, but Bella didn’t want to go after it. 

She didn’t even follow the direction of the toy … I pretended that I was about to poke her eye and she DIDN’T BLINK! 

A Serious Veterinarian Checkup

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Source: Elle Nailga via The Dodo

She took the dog to the vet in Los Angeles immediately and early tests showed that she likely had acute blindness; however, more tests needed to be done.

So, they went to the ophthalmologist who ran more exams to make sure the results were accurate. Instead, they were a bit odd and inconsistent.

To really be sure, one more test was performed, and it was confirmed that Bella was indeed not blind, but what caused her behavior is still unclear.

The ophthalmologist asked the woman if she had any idea when this started happening.

Nailga said: I told him that I had gotten a puppy, and that’s when he thought that it was Baguette causing this… They realized that she was trying to avoid and ignore Baguette.

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Source: Elle Nailga via The Dodo

This whole time, she was pretending to be blind just to avoid playing with her new sibling who was a really high-spirited and energetic puppy.

To help remedy this, Nailga made sure to separate them a bit, so Bella could relax for a bit, and this definitely helped their relationship more.

She is making sure to take it slow, so as not to cause any more problems, as all Nailga wants is for her sweet dogs to get along.

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