This Golden Retriever Being The Sweetest Nanny Ever Will Steal Your Heart

Aside from being the cutest little additions to our families, dogs can teach us a lot, too!

These four-legged creatures sometimes have a magical ability to anticipate our emotions and needs. In no time, they learn how to be there for us. And, if we give them enough time, they can be excellent teachers to our little ones!

Meet Harlow, an amazing English Cream Golden Retriever from Los Angeles, California, who never seizes to amaze her family!

Taking On A New Role

Golden Retriever laying next to baby
Source: @harlow_thegolden

Harlow has been in her California home for years now, and she has never stopped being the most amazing pet! When the family got their first baby, a little boy named Carter, Harlow instinctively switched into her nanny mode.

“As Carter came into this family, Harlow took on a new role as a nanny dog. She would literally lay near him all day,” Denise told The Dodo.

She took on her role very seriously. It was as if her main job now was to take care of Carter, make him feel loved and safe, and never, ever let him off sight. 

There was something deep inside her that told her: “Hey, this baby boi is now your 24/7 responsibility. Please take care of him!”

dog laying on a baby
Source: @harlow_thegolden

As time went on, the two formed a wonderful relationship. For the first several months, Harlow and Carter laid next to each other enjoying the magical moments together. At eight months of age, the baby boy started playing fetch with his doggo, and Harlow just loved it!

“They can’t speak to each other. They don’t have the same language, yet they know how to interact with each other in a very magical way,” says Denise.

As Carter made his first steps, the real adventure began!

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They started taking walks together, jumping and bouncing around on a trampoline, and having a blast outside! 

By the time he turned two, Carter had already learned how to feed Harlow, open the door for her to go to the bathroom, assist in bathing her, and walk her on a leash. These little tasks helped him develop responsibility that he didn’t know he’d soon need.

Helping Carter Become The Best Big Bro

cute baby and cute dog
Source: @harlow_thegolden

His parents were expecting a baby girl, and the fact that Harlow had already taught Carter how to be gentle and responsible meant the world to them. 

Carter welcomed his baby sister home with arms wide open – and so did Harlow! This sweet Golden nanny prepared her baby boi for the new role in his life, and Denise couldn’t be more grateful.

“He’s learned from her how to be gentle, how to share, how to be responsible… He’s learned how to be a big brother from Harlow,” says Denise.

Harlow continued to be the greatest nanny in the world. Now, with the help of her big brother, she spends every single moment checking up on her and doing exactly what she did when Carlow first entered their home.

two kids and dog on a beach
Source: @harlow_thegolden

Carter is a big boi now who takes full responsibility for his sister and his dog. This dynamic trio is inseparable, taking on new adventures every day! 

And, Harlow continues to be the greatest pet in the world! She is the kind of dog that makes everyone in the family instantly better. Even without trying, Harlow knows exactly how to brighten her hoomans’ day.

For Denise and the family, having Harlow’s unconditional love is priceless, and they hope to have many more happy years together!

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