This Incredible Pack Almost Got Euthanized On The Spot Just Because Of Their Breed

Oftentimes, we completely take our animal shelters for granted, forgetting the important part they play in our community.

Not only do they do everything they can in order to help innocent animals in need, but they also provide them with shelter, food, comfort, and ultimately, a forever home, proving to them that they, too, are worthy of happiness.

There are countless stories and instances of the incredible work shelters and rescuers do. And, if those aren’t enough to show you how appreciative you should be to such institutions, here is another one!

Help Is On The Way

big and cute white dog
Source: Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Katie, from Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, New Mexico, received information that six animals in Pennsylvania needed a new home since their owner wasn’t able to care for them any longer because of his failing health.

The reason why she was contacted and not just a regular dog shelter was because the animals in question were wolfdogs – canines with both domestic dogs and wolves in their genetics.

white dog standing on the ground
Source: Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

As soon as she found out that the wolfdogs were located in Pennsylvania, she knew she had to act fast.

“This was an incredibly sensitive situation because Pennsylvania is a state where wolves and wolfdog private ownership is completely illegal,” Katie told GeoBeats.

Because of their illegality, if the owner had passed away before the wolfdogs found a new home, they would have been euthanized on the spot.

Not allowing this to happen, the New Mexico sanctuary packed up their gear and drove 20 hours to Pennsylvania to pick up these unique pups.  

New Home

Among the six new wolfdogs in the sanctuary’s care were Cassian and his companion, Nesta, a very shy and anxious pair.

Two cute white dogs
Source: Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Cassian had some issues regarding his eyesight and was unable to see completely.

“It is really hard for the animals when they first get here especially because a majority of them like Cassian come from situations where they weren’t well taken care of,” she added.

When animals enter a space that provides them with better opportunities to grow, they become extremely shy, taking a while to adjust to the healthy environment

Cassian was no exception. However, after some time, he started trusting his caretakers and evolving into the sweetest boy ever.

white dog licking other white dog
Source: Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Coming out of his shell allowed Cassian to also improve his physical health.

“We are not entirely sure about Cassian’s eyes at this point. They have been evaluated and he isn’t able to see 100% but he seems to be doing well,” Katie continued.

A Unique Breed

Working with wolfdogs for some time now, Katie likes to describe them as being a hybrid of a toddler and a shark.

“Imagine spending your life with a 3-year-old for twenty years that has very, very sharp teeth and strong opinions,” she said. 

However, Cassian is a bit different.

He is an incredibly affectionate dog who loves showering you with face kisses – something that isn’t too common with wolfdogs.

Cassian is also affectionate towards his companion, Nesta, who loves following him around and being by his side.

“We actually gave Cassian and Nesta a puppy a few months ago when we rescued several puppies and they immediately stepped into the parenthood role, completely natural,” she added.

Pack of wolfdogs
Source: Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Cassian even regurgitated his food for his adoptive pup – something that elders do in the wild to make sure their children survive.

This was something the staff had never seen before, making the act so much more special.

Cassian also shows his uniqueness in his voice, and it sounds like his howls are very light and dainty, and his appearance resembles that of a lama.

“It’s almost impossible to describe how it makes me feel that Cassian allows us to have a relationship and trust me as a human near him,” Katie concluded.

Final Word

It is incredible to see an animal who went through such a difficult life come out of their shell and allow themselves to trust humans again.

Cassian’s transformation would have been impossible if it hadn’t been for the incredible sanctuary staff who showed him that he was deserving of love and adoration just as anybody else.

Thank you to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and any other institution which ensures that animals across the world have a life filled with happiness, joy, and comfort!

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