This Loyal Dog Refused To Leave The Train Tracks Where She Was Abandoned

From the very moment we welcome dogs into our home, we commit to loving them and caring for them forever. Showered with our love, our lovely companions grow into confident and happy dogs.

My heart sinks every time I hear that more and more dog owners abandon their pooches at dangerous places without caring what happens to them.

Left without knowing why, the faithful pups believe that their wait is only temporary and that their family will come back for them.

Ribbles, a loyal and sweet pup, believed to see her owners, too, after they dumped her at the railway. While risking her life, she kept waiting to see the faces of the people she considered her family. 

How long is she going to wait? Will she finally find the happiness that she deserves?

Believing Her Family Didn’t Abandon Her

photo of a dog on train tracks
Source: Suzette Hall

Ribbles’ family abandoned her at a railway in Southern California. Not realizing that they renounced her, she stayed on the train tracks and waited for her owners to take her home. 

The faithful dog didn’t mind the danger she was facing every day because she truly believed that it would all be worth it once her family came to pick her up.

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Days went by and she kept waiting. Although her hope was diminishing with every passing day, the pup wasn’t even considering going somewhere else. She missed her parents, and she couldn’t give up the hope of seeing them again.

Luckily, a kind-hearted woman noticed brave Ribbles right at the moment when the pooch was avoiding a fast train moving in her direction. The woman was relieved after seeing that Ribbles survived.

After failing to catch her and bring her to safety, the woman called Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, and told her about the dangerous situation Ribbles was in.

Ribbles’ Rescue Mission

dog standing and looking at the camera
Source: Valerie Spolsky

Hall immediately hopped in her car and rushed to rescue the pup. As soon as she came to the railroad, she saw Ribbles on the tracks. 

While Hall was there, a train passed 5 times, and she noticed that every time a train arrived, Ribbles ran into a little hole in the fence.

After investigating, the rescuer found out that the hole led to a car dealership property. She talked to its staff members and learned that they fed the abandoned dog every day, and that they let her sleep there.

The staff was very kind and they let Hall set a humane trap inside the property. She placed Ribbles’ food inside a crate and waited for her to go inside it.

Seeing that the pup didn’t want to approach the crate while she was there, Hall decided to give her some time and return the next day.

As soon as she came back in the morning, she saw something on the train tracks. Fearing that it was Ribbles, her heart broke into pieces and she ran to see what it was.

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She sighed in relief after she saw that they were coyotes who were scavenging for food.

The rescuer went to check the trap, and she was overjoyed to see the sweet pup inside it. Ribbles was finally rescued. 

abandoned dog lying on a blanket
Source: Suzette Hall

Hall took her to Camino Pet Hospital, in Irvine, California. The vet told her that the pup had a terrible ear infection and a swollen elbow and leg. 

She was heartbroken that the sweet dog had to endure so much pain while waiting all alone at the railroad.

Hall was deeply impressed by Ribbles’ bravery. Being close to the coyotes and living on the train tracks, she faced danger every single day, and yet she managed to survive. 

The loyalty and love for her parents were much stronger than her fear. 

Finding Her Place Under The Sun

man sitting on the ground between two dogs
Source: Suzette Hall

After she completely recovered, the loyal dog with angel eyes found her forever home. 

As soon as her parents saw her, they fell head-over-heels in love with her. At that moment, they knew that she belonged to them.

Ribbles changed her name to Lucy, and she is living the dream in her home in Joshua Tree, surrounded by the infinite love of her family. She has a dog sister, and they both enjoy going hiking with their family. 

photo of a dog named lucy lying down
Source: Suzette Hall

We are thrilled to know that dear Lucy found her place under the sun, and that she relishes the love and care that all canines deserve.

Sadly, there are still many dogs who get abandoned at dangerous or deserted places. Whenever you notice a stray dog, please contact your local shelter or rescue. Let’s save the lives of these innocent pooches and show them that they are not alone.

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