This Missing Dog Learned What Hapinness Feels Like After Being Reunited With His Family

Being separated from those you love the most is perhaps one of the biggest burdens you can carry in life.

Love is what we all need in order for our lives to have some kind of meaning. But, our existence in this world is not ideal, so it can always bring us various difficulties.

However, sometimes it also brings happy moments, such as reunions that are able to restore the most broken of hearts and bring tears of joy to even the hardest ones.

The story that you are about to read is a true testament to that. 

His Past Remained A Mystery

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On April 27, 2022, a group of Good Samaritans spotted three dogs running loose on someone’s property around Denton, Texas. 

They immediately contacted the City of Denton Animal Shelter, whose animal officers were able to catch them.

All three dogs were frightened, but on one, whom they named Kendolph, it was especially noticeable. Since he was very suspicious, the people from Denton Animal Shelter immediately subjected him to a scan, but they were unable to find a microchip.

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Has this pup ever known the love of a family? How long had he been on his own? For now, his past remained a mystery, and he was so reclusive and shy that they couldn’t even deduce anything from his behavior. 

They Thought The Situation Was Hopeless

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Shelter workers tried everything to get him to trust them, but everything was in vain. He just wasn’t ready to open up. 

“When he first arrived at the shelter, he was very scared and didn’t want anything to do with anybody at all,” Misha Gonzales, an animal care technician at City of Denton Animal Shelter, told The Dodo. “He was very shy, timid and very standoffish.”

She added that when they would leash-walk him, he seemed terrified, and his tail would be tucked between his legs and he would be shaking and trembling. When they would try to pet him, he would move away from them. 

They knew that it would be very difficult to find him a new family considering how withdrawn he really was. 

Despite everything, after a five-day stray hold, they decided to vet him and move him to the adoption floor. 

Even though they didn’t believe that anything good could happen, things suddenly changed. After they started looking for his family, his family miraculously “found him”.

A Reunion That Awakened The Deepest Emotions

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This shelter in Denton never left anything to chance, so they always had the right people in the right place. 

The amazing team of people who were in charge of tracking missing animals managed to find out that a family has been looking for a dog named Chase for almost half a year. 

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The team realized that it was actually Kendolph. They did not wait long to get in touch with the family, whose members were delighted to hear the happy news.

However, the culmination of happiness and emotions happened on May 7, when Hubert, Chase’s owner, came to the shelter to pick up his lost family member.

When Hubert walked through the front door, Chase instantly turned into a happy, excited dog with his tail wagging, and he jumped on his dad and kissed him.

“There wasn’t a dry eye in that lobby and watching Hubert and his pure, genuine love for his dog in that moment is indescribable,” Gonzales said, not being able to hide her emotions because of a moment that she will remember for the rest of her life.

This very moment showed how true love, especially between a man and his best friend, never fades away so easily and always finds the right path.

After so long, Chase really felt it, and now, he is home safe and sound, and what is most important… happy!

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