This Rescue Dog Struggled To Find A Home For 3 Years Until His Luck Changed One Day

Where The Love Is, Inc. Animal Rescue, in Hamden, Connecticut, receives a lot of rescue dogs in need of help.  

They care for them and strive to find them loving homes. In the last three years, many beautiful dogs came to the rescue and were quickly adopted. 

Every single one… except Bones. 

Even the dogs that arrived at the shelter after Bones found their forever home… this poor boy, though, never left. 

But, the wonderful people at the shelter were determined to find Bones the loving home he deserved, no matter how long or what it took. 

Luckily, Bones’ dream finally came true!

Hello, I’m Bones

a dog that found its home
Source: Where The Love Is Rescue, Inc.

Bones was found wandering the streets of Texas, hoping that someone would rescue him. 

He was named ‘Bones’ because when he was first rescued, he looked so emaciated that people said he was just “skin and bones”. 

It took some time for Bones to get better and put some weight on, but when he finally did, and was well enough to travel, he arrived at Where The Love Is Rescue, in Hamden, Connecticut. 

They were hoping to find him a safe and loving forever home. 

The moment he arrived at the shelter, everyone knew he was special. 

However, finding Bones the perfect forever home proved to be a much harder task than the shelter had thought. 

a pit bull on the lap of a woman in a car with its tongue sticking out
Source: Where The Love Is Rescue, Inc.

He was such a loving, playful, and kind dog, but also he was a large, male Pitbull mix and no one wanted to give him a chance. 

Days, months, and years passed by, but Bones was still at the rescue searching for his forever family. 

Although he was very loved, the shelter knew that life at the animal shelter could never compare to one in a loving home. They did everything in their power to make his dream come true. 

This is what the shelter wrote about Bones on their social media: 

“He is adored by our volunteers, great with people and friendly to everyone. He wants nothing more than to be close to you to receive (and give big kisses). Bones loves toys and is never without his heavy-duty, black rubber bone.” 

portrait of a dog holding a toy bone in its mouth
Source: Where The Love Is Rescue, Inc.

Even after his adoption fee was covered by a generous donator, the rescue simply couldn’t find Bones the right home.  

Meet My Forever Family 

The shelter really did everything they could to help this little guy find his forever home. 

They took Bones on day trips to socialize. They even went shopping for toys with him, and included him in every adoption event they had. 

The shelter also made several videos showcasing Bones and his amazing personality, and even partnered with local creators to help spread the word. 

They never gave up, and it paid off in the end. 

Fast forward to September 2023 when Bones finally found his forever home. 

portrait of a father and son with a new dog in the home
Source: Where the Love Is Rescue, Inc.

The shelter shared the amazing news on Facebook: 

“Bones is home! After almost 3 years of waiting for his forever family, Bones was adopted by Adell and his son earlier this month. While Bones will be missed by everyone at the shelter who had the pleasure of knowing him, we are all thrilled and grateful for Adell’s love and support for our boy.” 

All he wanted was a home and to be loved! 

After nearly three years of waiting, his wish finally came true. 

the dog sits by the window and looks around outside
Source: Where the Love Is Rescue, Inc.

Bones is finally happy, enjoying life at his new home. 

When it was time to say goodbye to the amazing volunteers who were essentially his only family for so long, Bones stood by the window grinning from ear to ear, almost as if he was saying “thank you for never giving up on me!”

All good things come to those who wait and Bones is the perfect example. 

Take a look at Bones’ journey at the shelter and his beautiful story: 

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