This Shelter Dog Giving Random People The Quirkiest Smiles Will Make Your Day

One of the cutest doggo stories comes from Shreveport, Louisiana, where a quirky Lab Retriever mix, Burreaux, made international headlines with nothing but his smile!

Bureaux, a twelve-week-old puppy, was patiently waiting for his furever home in a shelter, but he never stopped seizing the opportunity to flash random passengers with his cute, quirky smile. And this is the result…

Burreaux, The Quirky Lab Retriever Mix

adorable black puppy smiling
Source: Shreveport Times

This sweet, Louisiana boy was recently transferred to the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana facility from Caddo Animal Control, together with his two other siblings. 

Courtney Wingate, the director of the Humane Society in NWLA, spotted the puppy giving her a big, cute smile, which was the turning point in his life! Wingate decided to take Burreaux in, together with his two siblings, and provide them with further care and fostering.

When he was first brought to the facility, he had parvo disease, which needed to be treated immediately. 

“He did have parvo then, so he received treatment and BEAT PARVO!!! We have even started teaching him how to play fetch,” wrote HSNWLA on their Facebook.

cute black puppy smiling
Source: Shreveport Times

Still, with the treatment going on, Burreaux had never lost the initial enthusiasm he had when he was first spotted. He was always ready to cuddle and play with everyone who’d show interest!

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According to his new HSNWLA family, Burreaux has been nothing but a cute, sweet boy who’ll make the pawfect pet one day!

He’s Already Made His Way Into Peoples’ Hearts

three cute puppies in a shelter
Source: Shreveport Times

His smile is not an exclusive thing! Quite the opposite – Burreaux smiles at everyone who shows him the tiniest piece of affection! 

But, there’s a catch, though! He doesn’t sport his magnificent, toothy grin all the time! He only does that when there’s a certain high-pitched note in a person’s voice that makes him want to reciprocate the cuteness!

So, if you want Burreaux to smile, you just need to let yourself go and speak from the heart! And, that’s basically what any true dog lover does when he spots the pawfect puppy! 

“It’s like a ‘come pet me, come love me’ smile,” says Walton, one of the volunteers in the facility!

He’s Found The Pawfect Family

black puppy with his new family on the couch
Source: Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

After some time of searching for his furever home, Burreaux finally found one! It seems that his cute, quirky smile has finally paid off, as he has found a family who loves him for the quirky boy he is!

Even though it was quite hard to say goodbye to this loving boy, the HSNWLA team was more than happy to finally see him bond with his furever companions.

For the first time ever, this boy is able to feel all the love that only a dog pawrent can give! We truly hope he keeps smiling forever with his wonderful family in his new home!

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