This Starving Dog Was So Happy When He Was Finally Rescued From The Street

They say that those who have experienced a lot of pain are usually the ones who exhibit the most kindness, and Fig here is what we can call the perfect example!

The life of this sweet, loving Pittie mix was nothing but a constant battle for the good part of his life. He was all alone on the streets for months, waiting for someone to show him mercy.

Fig was extremely emaciated when he was first spotted on the streets of Paterson, New Jersey. He was only 25 pounds, ate whatever was in his reach, and he could barely walk. 

Desperate and struggling to walk, Fig was almost on the edge of giving up. But then, just at the right moment, a kind-hearted hooman showed up!

Fig’s Heroic Life Battle

a starving dog sniffs by the fence
Source: Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

Animal control spotted Fig in terrible condition, and they immediately contacted Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, from Oakland. Together with their partners of Jersey Pits Rescue, this amazing team of rescuers put their forces together to help this poor boi.

When Kendall, one of the volunteers, first met Fig, he was covered in feces and urine, and his stomach was filled with bones from eating whatever was in his reach. At only 25 pounds, he was literally starving.

“Fig was found alone and desperate, struggling to walk on an inner city street, without help in sight,” RBAR rescue wrote.

When he was brought to a hospital, the X-rays showed multiple bones in his intestines. He was kept for a week for monitoring, but never, ever did this gentle boi lose his sparkle. He was so kind and affectionate from the moment Kendall addressed him for the first time.

It seems that all this time, Fig just wanted someone to show him kindness, and he reciprocated with so much more!

“Fig’s forgiving nature humbles us all.  He has clearly not known much kindness in his short life, but he chooses hope and trust over despair,” the RBAR team wrote.

portrait of a starving dog
Source: Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

After the hospital, this sweet boi was transferred to a medical foster home. And, right there is when Fig started displaying his true personality! 

In just a few months, Fig gained weight and started eating normally. He gained his strength back and looked like a brand-new puppy. 

He adapted among other doggos in a heartbeat. It was as if he was craving socialization with other living souls, as he had an open heart for everybody – and everybody loved him back!

From Streets To A Furever Home

portrait of two dogs posing on the stairs
Source: Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

Months after his rescue, the perfect family showed up to adopt Fig! It was a long, exhaustive journey, but eventually, Fig went home with a wonderful family

“He finally found his place where he is accepted, valued and seen. He has been in his new home for over a month now and to say he is thriving would be an understatement,” the JPR team wrote on Facebook.

two dogs lie on the bed with the boy
Source: Jersey Pits Rescue

He has three hooman siblings and a doggo sister, and he just couldn’t be happier! According to his new family, Fig is very attentive to all of their whereabouts. And, he’s always at the door to greet the kids when they get home from school! 
Once a street dog that barely moved due to his terrible condition, Fig’s now a family dog with the great purpose – to make himself and his family as happy as possible!

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