This Starving Puppy Was Desperate So He Asked A Police Officer For Something To Eat

Even with the odds stacked against you – you should never underestimate the power of destiny! At least that’s what Stuart Little would tell you if he could speak!

This tiny little pup had gone weeks without a proper meal, forced to fend for himself for months after he lost the only hoomans he ever knew – his family! 

Wandering the streets of Los Angeles was not an easy thing to do, but he had enough faith in people to approach them and beg for some food, until one day – he ran into his savior angel!

A Life-Turning Encounter

puppy in nature
Source: Suzette Hall

One day, during one of his regular “scavenging for food” missions, this tiny pup approached a police officer and begged for food with his adorable, sparkling eyes, not knowing that his life was about to change – for good!

Realizing that he was definitely a stray, the police officer immediately contacted the one person he knew would show up – Suzette Hall, of Logan’s Legacy, from Irvine, California. 

Hall is a long-time dog lover and rescuer who has dedicated her life to helping strays find their furever home – and she was more than happy to help Stuart Little!

poor puppy in the car seat
Source: Suzette Hall

When she arrived at the spot to pick up Stuart, this tiny pup was very exhausted, but at the same time, he seemed so at peace when she put him in the car. At that moment, he weighed no more than five pounds, and Hall knew that he needed a good meal plan as soon as possible.

“We have him safe and he just cuddled in my lap. Exhausted, hungry, but he is forever safe. Tonight he will get a full belly and the best night’s sleep he has ever had,” Hall wrote.

woman holding puppy's head
Source: Suzette Hall

After the initial introduction, Stuart felt so comfortable that he even climbed over the center console and crawled into Hall’s lap, making himself as comfortable as possible! Not too long after that, he fell asleep.

The next day, Hall subjected Stuart to a vet exam, where he was treated for fleas. Other than that – he was a healthy boi without any major health issues. Aside from the fact that he needed to regain some weight, he was good to go to a foster home – and he did!

Stuart Little Enjoying A Brand-New Life

cute puppy on the green grass
Source: Suzette Hall

Despite the fact that he’s not in a permanent home yet, Stuart couldn’t be happier! He enjoys sharing his foster home with his current caregivers and another puppy sibling – and he’s just the best doggo ever!

“He is getting the love he was searching for, safe with an amazing foster family, eating and getting tons of snuggles, even playing with toys. He is seriously just a little love,” Hall wrote on her official Facebook.

One thing’s for sure – Stuart Little’s now a safe boi, and he’ll never, ever need to worry about finding food anymore! 

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