This Sweet Dog Ran Away From Home After His Owners Left On A Trip

Losing a dog is a deeply emotional experience, and it can feel like a true nightmare, leaving pet owners feeling heartbroken.

It’s hard to stay calm in such situations because we want to find our pet as soon as possible and bring it home.

Every owner will do their best to ensure the search goes smoothly. A dog named Simba went through this situation, and his story is truly special.

The Unexpected News

Dog sitting on sand
Source: @logans_legacy29

Simba’s owners had to leave suddenly, so they hired a dog sitter to take care of him while they were away. They said their goodbyes to Simba and set off on their trip, but soon received a message that Simba was missing.

Moments after his owners left, Simba was able to escape through the open door. They came back home right away to seek him, but were unable to locate him.

They were unaware that a community 20 miles away had spotted a dog identical to Simba peacefully resting on the beach all by himself.

Hall’s Plan To Save The Dog

Dog sitting near the house
Source: @logans_legacy29

Although the Good Samaritans were unsure of Simba’s identity, they wanted to help him.

Logan’s Legacy dog rescue founder, Suzette Hall, said that there had been a number of posts about a dog on the beach. “All the lifeguards were trying to catch him, but he kept running down the shore,” one lifeguard recalled.

When Hall arrived at the coast, she brought a trap onto the sand where Simba was apparently sleeping. She set the trap up without the pup around, and she thought that the treats inside might tempt him to come in.

Simba Recognizes His Owner After Two Weeks

Happy dog with his owners
Source: @logans_legacy29

Hall met a man who told her that the dog had been sleeping in his garage. He and Hall immediately carried the trap from the beach to his garage, but the dog was not there.

Someone spotted the dog walking down the beach the following day. Hall was informed by a different neighbor that the dog had owners. Hall called them right away, and as soon as the owner hung up, he drove 22 miles to the beach in his truck.

When he got there, he started calling out for Simba, but he was still lying in the sand and acting as though a stranger was calling him. Hall warned him that after being lost for two weeks, Simba might not recognize his voice.

The owner also mentioned how Simba recognized his truck and always ran to him when he returned from work. After spending two long weeks away from home, Simba finally recognized his owner, and he was happy to see his best friend again.

“Man, they were so happy and appreciative,” Hall said. “Simba’s such a survivor.”

Reunited And Happy

Black dog and his owner
Source: @logans_legacy29

They returned home with big smiles on their faces, and they resumed their old routine. The dog received his favorite meal at home, and after that, he lied down to rest in his favorite spot. 

Simba’s owners immediately felt sad whenever they thought about all the things he had to go through while searching for them. But, in the end, everything turned out well and the dog was finally home.

“To see him out there alone, then to see that tail and that smile when he recognized his dad — that was amazing,” Hall said. “It was such a miracle.”

The two weeks of uncertainty and searching were filled with worry and longing, but the determination of the community and the efforts of the rescue organization brought about a joyful reunion.

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