This Sweet Dog Was Yelling At Her Owner’s Boss And It Is Just Hilarious

Ladies and gents, it’s time you meet Willie, the bravest employee ever!

Willie dared to do the one thing that many employees only think about doing at some point – he yelled at the boss!

But, why? 

Does Willie have a problem with his boss? Does he need a bigger salary or a pawmotion?

Nope, none of these things! This Delaware boi might be loud, but he’s definitely not using his powerful vocal cords for corporate fights! 

This is who Willie truly is!

The Yelling Ritual

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Even though you might think that he’s an aggressive boi at first, the truth is that Willie is nothing but the sweetest lovebug

Despite his horrible past, this Pittie has never shown any sign of aggression towards people, and ever since he got a home of his own – he has been behaving like the perfect gentleman!

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Okay, he sometimes yells at his owner’s boss, but all because he wants all the attention to himself

Every time Jill, his owner, takes him to work, Willie jumps into her boss’s office and starts yelling! And, every time her boss starts cuddling him – he transforms into a giant mush!

From Dogfights To A Loving Home

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Sadly, not everything started out great for Willie. Before he even got the chance to display his true self, he spent many years on a chain, and he was used for dogfights.

Animal control confiscated him from his original owner and took him to their facility. A giant-hearted volunteer who worked there at the time contacted Willie’s current owner, Jill, the volunteer at Faithful Friends, from New Castle, Delaware.

Jill initially took Willie in as a foster dog, but once she got to know him, she just couldn’t let go.

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Source: @williepierogiplatypus

Underneath his “aggressive” nature, he was nothing but the sweetest dog that craved love. Once she helped him get out of his shell, Willie blossomed into a wonderful Pittie who had a wonderful way with everyone.

He absolutely loved all people and dogs, and he always had the quirkiest ways of showing it. Hence, yelling at Jill’s boss!

The one thing he’s not good at, though, is staying at home. Willie has always had a problem with separation anxiety, which is why Jill and her partner made sure he never, ever was alone.

You’ll Be Missed, Willie

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Sadly, after battling terminal cancer recently, Willie crossed the rainbow bridge. 

Even though his family expected to part ways with Willy (who was an older dog when they adopted him) from the moment he entered their home, saying the final goodbye was the hardest thing they ever had to do.

“He was only sick for about a week. Then he ate some peanie butter, fell asleep in my lap & moved on to his next great adventure. I’ve never missed anything like I’m missing him,” his momma wrote on Willie’s Instagram page.

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What makes Jill relieved and happy is the fact that Willie had spent wonderful final years, surrounded by the people who made his life amazing.

And, if we can say one thing with certainty, it’s that WIllie’s legacy will continue to live on for many more years!

“He was truly one of a kind & the most amazing, sweetest dog ever. I’ve never connected to a soul quite like I did with his. I don’t really have the words for how I’m feeling right now. I will absolutely try my very best to keep his legacy & spirit alive,” she continued.

Get some rest, Willie. You were a good boi!

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