This Sweet Pittie Loves Meeting New People In A Very Unique Way

Being someone who has had a dog in the past, one thing I can safely say is that they all love receiving attention so much.

When meeting new people, my German Shepherd would run laps around them and then try to introduce himself after settling down. It was just adorable.

In this story, a very unique Pittie tries to meet people and grab their attention in a very interesting way.

Otto’s Wonderful Family

photo of pittie on a leash
Source: The Dodo

When Otto was first rescued by Laura, he was living as a stray dog in pretty rough conditions. He was found outside of an AutoZone in Michigan.

They felt bad for him, and they couldn’t just sit back and do nothing, so they decided to adopt him.

After taking him to his forever home in Michigan, Laura noticed right away that he was a very happy dog. She told The Dodo: “He acclimated to our family immediately.”

pit bull carrying a blue toy in his mouth
Source: The Dodo

He spent some time with the family when they noticed an interesting habit that he picked up. He always loved carrying his blue stick with him anywhere he went.

In fact, anytime he would even try to interact with other humans, he wouldn’t do it without the stick.

Because he was so happy and outgoing, he loved meeting new people, but he would always draw their attention the same way.

A Fun New Game To Play

two girls petting the pit bull outside
Source: The Dodo

Everybody picked up on that and they just loved it. Laura also noticed that he would sometimes just sit in the yard and basically wait for people to come by so he can show off.

Even when the family would go for a walk in the park, he would still take them and introduce himself to new people with it.

It’s just hilarious and adorable at the same time. Laura said: “Sometimes he can be shy, so I think the stick helps him feel confident to meet new people.”

At one point, they bought him a box filled with many blue sticks, so that he could have even more. When Otto saw the surprise, he was overjoyed and just couldn’t stop wagging his tail.

pit bull standing on grass in front yard
Source: The Dodo

His family decided to play an interesting Scavenger Hunt with him and placed some of the sticks around the yard, so that he would find them.

Otto, being the smart and resourceful dog that he is, managed to find all of them pretty quickly. Now, all that remained was to show off his awesome gift to everyone else.

So, the family made sure to help him move all of the sticks in the front yard where he could wait for new people to come and play with him.

He is just so sweet and seeing him get along with his wonderful family is really wholesome. In the end, Laura said: “He’s not just a dog, he’s part of the family.”

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