This Sweet Pittie Was Found Under An Overpass After Being Left There By Her Owner

A Texas-based dog and cat rescue, called Three Little Pitties Rescue, was tagged in a Facebook post about a dog who was abandoned under a freeway overpass. 

Due to a language barrier and poor translation of the location, the dog’s exact whereabouts remained unknown. 

Despite all that, Lindsey, from the rescue, headed out in hopes she would be able to find the poor dog.   

Eventually, she did manage to find her and she called three other amazing rescuers to help her save this extremely scared and injured dog. 

The Rescue Mission

abandoned dog by the overpass
Source: Three Little Pitties Rescue

Lindsey could immediately tell there was something terribly wrong with her. 

“From my first angle of seeing her, it looked like her foot had been chopped completely off,” she said.  

They had no idea how long her leg was like that or when she was dumped there, but they thought that maybe she was injured while being dumped or thrown out of the vehicle. 

Either way, this poor girl had been terribly mistreated and has suffered a lot. 

Just by looking at her eyes, you could tell she was in a severe amount of pain. She was tired, also… so tired of everything. 

the dog by the overpass looks around
Source: Three Little Pitties Rescue

Lindsey had so many questions on her mind, such as “How long was she under that bridge?” and “How long did it take for her to end up in this condition?”, but the most important thing was to help her as soon as possible. 

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It took the rescuers about 30 minutes to get her comfortable enough and into their car. She could barely move on her own due to the immense amount of pain she was in. 

the dog tied up and left under the overpass
Source: Three Little Pitties Rescue

She was also very scared and crying out of pain, and it completely broke their heart. Despite everything, she did wag her tail once she felt comfortable enough around her rescuers. 

Since it was pretty late at night, they rushed to take her to the emergency vet. 

Trying To Save Her

the dog is lying on the veterinary table
Source: Three Little Pitties Rescue

As they rushed the sweet Pittie girl – later named Lucie Caboose – to the emergency vet in Galveston, TX, her condition seemed to go downhill, and she was in so much more pain. 

“I heard her cry, and it was so sad and pitiful,” Lindsey said. 

Lucie was diagnosed with Pyometra – a life-threatening infection of the uterus caused by not being spayed. 

Besides her uterus, she was also battling some major infections in her little body… heart, liver, kidneys, and foot, as well as severe heartworm. She was on some strong antibiotics trying to fight all that. 

the dog with its paws wrapped is sitting in the car
Source: Three Little Pitties Rescue

The vets couldn’t do any surgeries because her heart was so weak. One day, she would be much better and improving, but then the next day, something would happen again. 

Lucie was fighting so hard for her life, but eventually it was all too much for her. 

Unfortunately, after more than $6,000 spent and multiple weeks at the animal hospital, the infection spread to the bones and blood. 

“She went peacefully surrounded by so much love that I hope she felt. She deserved more. 💔 She deserved a family who loved her, snuggled her and took care of her needs,” Three Little Pitties Rescue wrote in their Facebook post.  

a woman cries next to her dog in a veterinary clinic
Source: Three Little Pitties Rescue

They tried everything to save her, but it just wasn’t possible. 

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And, although her pain was too much for her to handle, she was at least surrounded by people who got to love her very much, and I truly hope that she knew that. 

“Lucie, we are so sorry this happened to you. We are sorry your owners failed you. We are sorry we couldn’t save you. We tried so hard to. We loved you and you were worth it. Your life mattered.”

painting of a late dog
Source: Three Little Pitties Rescue

The state of Texas is sadly dealing with so many abandoned animals that the shelters are constantly dealing with overcrowding. 

Let Lucie and her story be a reminder and a lesson to everyone that no dog should ever be treated like that. No animal should ever feel that much pain. 

Lucie, we hope that you’re finally pain free and happy.

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