This Sweet Puppy Found With His Broken Leg In Bandages Gets An Amazing Transformation

Scooter was discovered on the side of the road. Her hind legs were completely bandaged and she wasn’t able to stand. Seeing a dog this small was a devastating sight for a couple of people who decided to help this poor girl.

Months after exhaustive recovery, Scooter finally found her happy place – all the way across the pond!

Scooter Was Found With Broken Bones On Her Hind Legs

When she was first found by a group of responsible individuals, Scooter had her hind legs completely wrapped in bandages. Apparently, someone already tried to help this poor girl, but eventually left her on the street.

At the moment of her rescue, Scooter wasn’t able to walk nor stand properly. She was dragging her hind legs on the ground.

Concerned people decided to provide help for this poor puppy, sending her to a veterinary clinic. She got her name, Scooter, right before her very treatment.

It was established that Scooter had broken bones on her hind legs and an open infection. She needed several surgical procedures and careful monitoring to heal. After her hind-leg surgery, Scooter was provided with daily care that included changes of bandages and further tests.

Countless Surgical Procedures

wounds on the dogs body
Photo from: TouchingRescues

Several days after being treated in a veterinary clinic, Scooter was sent to a local shelter. She was taken in and taken care of – provided with needed medications, vitamins, food, and supervision by shelter volunteers.

Despite all, Scooter never lost her enthusiasm and will to live. 

“Despite all the hardship and several surgeries Scooter had to endure, she smiled and thanked everyone who helped her”, said the people from Touching Rescues on their channel.

The Long-Awaited Recovery Could Finally Begin

injured little puppy
Photo from: TouchingRescues

Her recovery has finally begun. Scooter was getting all the care necessary in the shelter, including new doggo friends. She was a happy dog that was progressing every day.

Her wounds were healing, and she was finally able to walk and stand on her hind legs. Then – a miracle called “new home” finally happened!

Alex, Scooter, And Love Across The Pond

dog relaxing outdoor
Photo from: TouchingRescues

A girl named Alexandra fell in love with Scooter and her touching story. She was a shelter volunteer and decided to adopt Scooter. 

She already had another dog at the moment she brought Scooter home, expanding her little family and creating a little doggo world inside the house.

Scooter was well accepted by the first dog, and the two have created an everlasting bond. 

Scooter As Dobby

man and dog cuddling
Photo from: TouchingRescues

But, that wasn’t the end of the story for this puppy! After some time, Scooter was transported by Alexandra to the United States. She got her forever home in Virginia, where she was taken in by Alexandra’s family. 

After a while, they decided to give Scooter a more appropriate name – Dobby. 

Dobby’s now the family’s number one, living her best life surrounded by the best family she could possibly get. After all the hardship she has been through, Dobby’s now a healthy, happy, and often described as “a little mischievous” family dog. She finally got all the love she was looking for.

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