Tiny Dog Finds Comfort In A New Friend After Losing His Best Bud In The World

A couple years ago, an unusual duo went viral on the internet. A small senior dog named Tiny Tim and a larger dog named Big Ben were two best friends. They were known for their playfulness, inseparability, and constant napping. 

They would spend almost all of their time together, and when they got tired of playing around, they would take a nap, and Tim would love to sleep on Ben’s back, seeing as it was his favorite bed.

Heartbreaking Tragedy

two dogs sleeping together
Source: @bigbentinytim

Sadly, on December 24, 2022, Ben suffered a stroke and passed away peacefully. Tim lost his best friend, and since then, he has been grieving his loss.

Considering that Tim was just one of many rescue dogs in the home, his owners thought that he would find some comfort in other furry companions, but that was not the case. 

He would spend most of the time sleeping by himself until a big surprise came to their doorstep. Because Tim and Ben were pretty popular on social media, one of their fans, a woman named Beth sent a giant plush toy to help with his grief.

chihuahua dog lying on the couch
Source: @bigbentinytim

The dog’s owner, a woman named Jenny Leech, accepted this gift and immediately put it on their couch for him to sleep on. Tim found some comfort in sleeping on the plush toy, even though he knew his best friend was no longer with him. 

Not long after, she would recognize the familiarity of the image on the couch, and because of that, she decided to keep the plush toy.

Leech said to The Dodo: It really felt like the old years of when we would come out into the living room and there would be Tim on top of Ben on the couch. It was almost the same exact positioning as how Tim used to lie, down to a certain crick. 

A New And Beautiful Friendship

3 months after Ben passed away, Leech decided to adopt a new dog. She had heard about a 7-year-old Great Pyrenees dog that needed help, so they took him in. His name is Thor

He managed to settle in pretty quickly, and all the other dogs were naturally curious about him and greeted him. Tim, on the other hand, was a bit reluctant, but after a while in his presence, Thor grew on him and they became friends.

Leech said to The Dodo: When Thor arrived, he was just so gentle and calm. I think Tim sensed that, and after a few weeks, he decided to take a seat on Thor.

chihuahua dog sitting on back of big white dog lying on the floor
Source: @bigbentinytim

A few months went by, and Tim and Thor are now best friends. Tim now likes to rest on his new friend and Thor doesn’t mind it one bit. Whenever they are tired, they cuddle up together and take a long nap.

In her last statement about Tim, Leech said: This new relationship is very different than Tim’s relationship with Ben. I love that it’s different, but still a special relationship compared to how Tim is with any other dogs.

Not only is it amazing to see that this story has a happy ending, it’s also equally important to highlight the importance of friendship in our canine companions. 

While Big Ben can never be replaced, it’s heartwarming to see that Tiny Tim has finally found a new friend and a bed to sleep on. I hope they have many amazing adventures together. 

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