Tiny Dog Saved On Sisters’ Road Trip Now Lives The Happiest Life In Illinois

When Nicole and her sister, Amanda, were driving back to their Illinois home from Mississippi, they had absolutely no idea that their life was about to change. But, then it happened!

A tiny little dog was sitting on the side of the road, waiting for someone to rescue her. Amanda immediately knew what needed to be done! She turned her car around, pulled up beside her, and the rest, as they say, is history!

She Was Waiting For Someone To Rescue Her

woman approaching to a dog on a road
Source: Animal Channel

The dog that they later named Honey Bea was clearly malnourished and a little bit scared at first. When Amanda pulled up on the side of the road, Honey hid in the grass. But then, Amanda offered her some pretzels, and that was enough to entice her.

“She was shaking and timid at first but eventually she let me pet her (with the help of a pretzel). We got her food, collar, leash, soap and then found a hose at a park nearby. There was no posts about her on any lost pet pages in the area and she has no chip,” wrote Amanda.

Honey was very sweet and gentle right off the bat, and the two sisters had no dilemma – they decided to take her with them to Illinois!

dog sitting in the car near the window
Source: @honey.bea529

The Road Trip Just Got Better

two women with cute dog in the car
Source: The Dodo

Honey Bea had a lot of ticks all over her body, so their first road trip adventure was finding a hose to give her a nice bath.

woman bathing a dog outdoors
Source: Animal Channel 

After she settled in the car after the bath, there was a 9-hour road trip ahead of Honey. She slowly started getting comfortable around her new hoomans, feeling love for the first time in forever!

brown dog sitting in the car
Source: @honey.bea529

What Honey didn’t know at the time was that in just a few hours, she would step foot in her new forever home. 

adorable brown dog sitting in the car
Source: @honey.bea529

Everyone was super excited about their new furry sister, especially because Amanda lost her sweet dog, Zoe, just a week earlier. She was so devastated, but as it turned out, destiny had some new plans!

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“Our squishy Zoe sent Honey to us. Her little guardian angel & she doesn’t even know it,” she wrote on TikTok.

Honey Bea In Her New Illinois Home 

It didn’t take long for Honey to become everybody’s sweetheart in her new Illinois home! 

“She was an absolute trooper all the way home to IL and has been settling in with everyone seamlessly. We’re so glad we found her and can give her a forever home,” wrote Amanda on her Facebook.

At first, she was a little bit shy, sleeping in the spare room in a cage that was set up for her, but just a week later, Honey moved into the living room with the rest of her family.

a person cuddling cute dog on the street
Source: @honey.bea529

She’s now happy to hang out with all the housemates, watching TV and curling up on the floor. 

Once a trooper girl without anyone in this world, Honey Bea now has a whole bunch of new hoomans in her life! And, she just loves them with all of her heart!


On Memorial Day weekend my sister, son and I went to visit our brother in MS. On Sunday we started our 11 hour drive home at 5:30am. Around 6:30am we saw this sweet girl walking along the side of a highway surrounded by trees and tall grass. She was shaking and timid at first, but she eventually let me close enough to pet her (with the help of a pretzel). She had no collar or tags and no chip. We checked all of the facebook pages of missing pets in the surrounding areas with no luck. Fortunately she has fit right in with our family & has found her forever home. We’re so glad we found you Honey Bea 💛 #rescuedog #dogsoftiktok #dogrescue #adandoned #daschundsoftiktok #daschund

♬ original sound – honey bea’s honeys 💛

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