Tiny Puppy Classified As Chihuahua Turns Out To Be A Totally Different Breed

All rescue dogs deserve our unreserved attention, but there are some stories that truly move us from our tracks!

One such story comes from Texas, where a little puppy named Stuart fought his way back to life.

He was found as a 1.8-pound boi by two kind-hearted people. Even though they immediately rushed into action to save him, Stuart was pretty close to the point of no return, as he was in horrible condition and his blood work was really low.

Due to his emaciated body, his caregivers didn’t even know that he was one proud Pittie at the time, but then – Stuart’s body began to undergo a mesmerizing transformation!

This is his story! 

Originally Classified As A Chihuahua Due To His Emaciated Body

small pitbull puppy wrapped in a blanket
Source: Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform

When he was first brought to Dallas Dog RRR, in Texas, he was at considerable risk that he wouldn’t even make it till tomorrow. Stuart was in such horrible condition that he couldn’t keep his eyes open or stand on his paws.

“He could barely keep eyes open and he was seemingly close to the point of no return,” Kerry Anechiarico told The Dodo. 

This sweet boi had really low blood work, and he was all covered in ticks. On top of all that, Stuart was extremely emaciated. He was under the normal weight for his age, which made his immune system even more exposed.

photo of tiny pitbull with an ivf on his paw
Source: Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform

“He probably should’ve been 4 to 5 pounds at least. We just classified him as a Chihuahua because of his emaciated body… It was touch and go for the first 24 to 48 hours. He was pretty out of it and wasn’t too conscious, kind of in and out,” said Kerry.

Stuart spent the first several days in the hospital. He needed a blood transfusion and 24/7 care in order to make it, but eventually, he made it! 

It was clear to everyone at the rescue that this proud Pittie was a true fighter, and that he wasn’t gonna give up his second chance that easily! 

A Loving Foster Home Was All He Needed To Blossom

tiny pitbull standing
Source: Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform

When he finally got out of the hospital, Stuart was brought into a foster home. Susan, his new foster momma, was very excited to take this Pittie puppy in, and she was inclined to do everything in her power to help him grow into a healthy boi.

He needed some time to adjust to the new environment and get back on his paws, but one thing was for sure – Stuart loved his new home!

“When I first got him, he was sleeping a lot. You could tell that he was really trying to recover from all the trauma. It was probably four or five days later before he really started acting like a puppy,” says Susan.

He really enjoyed the company of Susan’s other doggos, and in no time he became the biggest goofball!

Shane And Stuart Were Just Meant To Be

pitbull lying on grass
Source: @shinerdogtx

One day, Susan’s brother, Shane, came to visit, and Stuart immediately fell in love with him. He then fell asleep on Shane’s chest, and at that point, he knew – he needed to adopt him!

“It was just a connection. I knew at that point I’d end up taking him home… He’s included in everything we do…he’s always in the car with me going somewhere,” says Shane.

Stuart (now Shiner) enjoys his new life with Shane and the rest of his family! They live in Austin, which is a pet-friendly city, and Stuart just loves it! 

two dogs rolling in grass
Source: @shinerdogtx

They always go for a walk, and whenever they enter a pet store, everybody already knows Stuart and greets him with so much enthusiasm! He’s practically a local celebrity in his new hometown, and he just can’t get enough attention!

Today, Stuart has a lot of friends, and a girlfriend named Blakely, and he couldn’t be happier. After all he has been through, it’s really rewarding to see this rescue boi enjoying his life to the fullest, like he was always supposed to!

You can follow Stuart, now Shiner, and his dad on their Instagram account and keep up with this amazing Pittie’s daily adventures!

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