Two Rescuers Work Tirelessly To Reunite Long-Lost Doggo Siblings

Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of effort and some love to change a dog’s destiny for the better!

In this case, two doggos got their whole life changed after the good people of different rescues intervened.

After she lost her brother along the way, Lori, the 2-pound Terrier mix, was shaking in depression at a rescue, but no one knew that the answer could be found just a couple of miles across town!

Lori Was Facing Severe Depression

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When she was first admitted to Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue, from Las Vegas, Nevada, Lori was beyond depressed. She was literally shaking in depression for a reason that her caregivers couldn’t detect at the time.

Her world was crushed and she is devastated. We promised her life is going to be good from now on although Lori does not yet understand,” CMDR wrote under the video. 

It was so devastating seeing Lori in such condition, but eventually, she calmed down a little, and after some time, she was sent to a foster home.

“She is shy at the first meeting but don’t let that fool you! She is a cuddlebug with a whole lot of personality,” her foster wrote. 

She loves other dogs and children. She wants to sleep with you and be in your lap, which makes her a great movie partner! She is not a picky eater and will even stand on her back legs for a treat.”

Still, all that time, it seemed that something was missing, as Lori wasn’t exactly the happiest pup, and she always looked like she was looking for someone.

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She was put up for adoption after the CMDR team made sure she finally recovered.

Fate Intertwined

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A few days later, Linda Gilliam, the president of CMDR, was informed that Lori had a littermate before she was admitted to the facility. After a week or so of searching – she found out that Jerry, Lori’s sibling, was taken by A Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue – another rescue from Las Vegas, NV.

Gilliam was so happy to hear the news, and she immediately rushed into action to put these two pups together again! 

She contacted Diana England, the founder of AH4SAR and told her the story, and the two agreed in no time that the puppies needed to be reunited ASAP.

Together with her colleagues and England, she worked tirelessly to make the reunion between the long-lost siblings possible, and in no time – Lori and Jerry were back together!

“Tonight as a result of two rescue’s working in tandem for the betterment of these precious little beings a very special reunion took place,” the CMDR team wrote.

Jerry And Lori Sharing A Furever Home

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When they finally saw each other, they were overwhelmed with emotions! Jerry rushed to give his sister a warm kiss, and she reciprocated. Even though Lori’s the shy one, she was evidently over the moon to have her brother by her side again.

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But, that wasn’t it!

After the reunion, Gilliam wanted to make sure Lori and Jerry never parted ways again! As Lori had adopters inquiring about her, Gilliam approached them and asked if they would take Jerry, too – at no additional cost.

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After hearing the full story, they were more than happy to welcome Jerry into their loving home and make sure that this fantastic duo had everything they needed!
Today, Lori and Jerry are rocking with their new hoomans, and they couldn’t be happier – all thanks to the good people who spared no time and resources to put a doggo family together.

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