U.S. Veteran Reunites With His Dog After 3 Months Of Being In A Hospital

They serve. They gamble their life to keep us safe. They have courage like no one else. 

But, when they’re done with their service, they often end up marginalized. 

Veterans don’t get the treatment they deserve. 

Veterans are not appreciated the way they should be.

When one of those brave people ended up with only a few bucks in his pocket, fortune did a cruel trick on him: he lost his best friends… his canine buddies. 

But, James Pack, a Vietnam veteran, wasn’t alone in this world. With a little help from good people, James and his pups were reunited in the most tear-jerking way.

Reunited, Thanks To Good People

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James Pack, a Vietnam veteran, was hospitalized in critical condition after suffering a heart attack. 

Pack spent a lot of time in the hospital recovering from this life-threatening mishap that struck him. During this time, he had to say goodbye to his two dogs, Bailey and Blaze.

Since Pack lived alone, no one was able to take care of the dogs. The local First State Animal Center and SPCA, in Newark, Delaware, took the dogs in until Pack recovered.

Unfortunately, according to the Center’s policy, the recovery took too long and they couldn’t keep the dogs anymore. Bailey and Blaze had to be put up for adoption. And, as the rules say, an adoption fee must be paid in order to get the dogs. 

Everyone has to pay, including Pack, despite the fact that those were his dogs.

Pack was desperate. His hospital bill was already too high and he barely covered it. 

The only thing he could do to gather the money to adopt his dogs was to sell his car. 

Pack didn’t really have much, and the $250 for adoption meant the world to him. That money was the ticket to get back his beloved friends.

When the good people at PetSmart, a store where the shelter is located, heard of James’ story, they immediately decided to chip in and help. Little by little, everyone contributed, giving $5, $10, $15, just to help raise the adoption fee. 

It didn’t take long for the fee to be gathered. 

But, James didn’t know a thing.

When he came into PetSmart to see his dogs and get the paperwork started to get his dogs, there was a surprise waiting for him. The employers welcomed James, giving him the funds they’d gathered, and then everyone started shedding tears.

The manager of the Center reduced Pack’s fee in half. Volunteers pitched in… one of them even paid for the entire adoption fee, while the rest of the money was used to get things James and his dogs would need.

James couldn’t believe what the volunteers were saying. He was shaken to the core, unable to speak or react in any other way than crying and gasping for air.

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Source: youtube.com

After three long months, James was finally reunited with his dogs. They mean the world to him. They’re the only living beings that care about James. 

It’s safe to say that James’ heart was now fully healed. 

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