Washing machine with a lot of mold, how to fix it?

If not cleaned regularly, mold and odors in the washing machine can spread to clothes, causing discomfort to users.

After a long time of use, the washing machine often appears bad smell due to mold and bacteria. This condition can spread to clothes that are uncomfortable to wear.

Here are some solutions to help remove bacteria and odors in the washing machine that users should refer to.

How to kill mold in the washing machine
Here’s a guide to killing mold and bacteria from your washing machine. Users should check and clean monthly to prevent mold growth.

– Step 1: Put on gloves, prepare old wipes.

Step 2: Mix bleach solution (or vinegar) with hot water. Do not mix bleach with vinegar as it will create very toxic chlorine gas.

– Step 3: Dip a towel into the mixture, wipe away visible stains on the lid, washing tub, detergent drawer, conditioner.

– Step 4: If using a front-loading washing machine, thoroughly clean the rubber gasket around the lid.

– Step 5: Put bleach (or vinegar) into the rinse water compartment on the washing machine and then choose the hottest washing mode. Users can turn on the self-cleaning mode of the washing tub (if available) to remove mold.

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– Step 6: Open the door of the washing machine to circulate air and dry the internal components.

Tips to prevent mold in the washing machine
The CNET site recommends several solutions to help prevent mold growth in washing machines.

First, users should open the washing lid when not in use to circulate air, avoid odors caused by mold growth, accumulation in dark and humid areas.

After washing is complete, the clothes should be removed from the washing machine as soon as possible. This helps prevent bacteria and mold from growing in the drum, keeping clothes clean and free of mold.

When washing is finished, get in the habit of cleaning wet parts such as the lid, tub and detergent drawer (if applicable).

With a front-loading washing machine, it is necessary to clean the rubber gasket around the lid because this part prevents water from leaking out, which is easy to get moldy. In addition, it is advisable to remove any pet hair, paper scraps or residue left in the washing machine.

If using a high-powered washing machine, use a separate detergent (with the letter HE on the package) because they produce less foam. In addition, it is recommended to use powder or tablet detergents, using only enough water to wash clothes.

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