Watch This Golden Retriever Receiving Treats In The Most Ingenious Way

There is no doubt that dogs are the friendliest animals on this planet. They have an innate ability to make new friends with anyone they come across.

It’s like a superpower, and it works by drawing in everyone with their constant positivity and cuteness.

In this story, we will talk about a sweet dog who made friends with his neighbor who lives on the other side of the building.

A Curious Retriever

dog looking at neighbor through window
Source: Caters Clips

Coby is a very special dog. I know most people say that for Golden Retrievers, but it’s genuinely true.

Like all dogs, he likes to play with toys and run around, but one of his favorite activities is something else entirely.

Coby is no stranger to going out on the balcony of his building in California and relaxing there like the gentleman he is. 

However, on one fateful day, he noticed something, or rather, someone on the other side.

The Golden Retriever was genuinely curious about the man on the window of the building, so he would gaze for a while to see if the stranger would notice him.

man standing at the window
Source: Caters Clips

When the man finally realized that a dog was greeting him from the other balcony, he just laughed it off.

Next time, he decided he was going to be prepared. Upon their second meeting, the man, named Sherwin Brown, greeted Coby and he barked in response.

He seemed very curious with this encounter and wanted to know his new friend a little bit better, but he didn’t know how.

An Ingenious Plan

man sending dog treats over wires
Source: Caters Clips

To show a sign of appreciation, the neighbor came up with an ingenious way to send him something.

The dog’s owner, Alyssa Westhaver, and Sherwin, connected wires that connected the two Californian buildings like a zipline. Once that job was done, it was time for the fun part.

The man had sent two toys to the dog, which was a big hamburger and a bone that he could chew.

Upon receiving his gifts, he immediately got to business. It’s unfortunate to say that the hamburger didn’t last very long.

However, Coby still enjoys playing with the bone toy that he received that day. This was not the end of their interactions, however.

@mrcobywest The moment everyone has been waiting for😂❤️ #goldenretriever #esa #wholesome #neighbors ♬ My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from “Titanic”) – Céline Dion

Sherwin would continue sending him amazing treats whenever he could, and Alyssa realized it was probably time for the two friends to meet in person.

And, their meeting was just heartwarming. When Coby noticed Sherwin standing in front of him, he just ran into his direction and gave him a big hug.

Their friendship is something really special and it goes to show how friendly dogs are to just about anyone who treats them right.

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