What These Airline Workers Found In Cargo Hold Will Shock You

Sputnik’s independence and quirk never ceases to amaze her owner, John Krajewski. 

However, this time, even she went a step further, leaving everyone speechless, even her long-time owner! 

This Shiba Inu girl made a real drama in the luggage compartment on a flight to Miami, and kept her cool all the way till the end.

This is what happened exactly!

Escaped Her Kennel Mid-Flight

dog in aeroplane
Source: TikTok

Somehow, Sputnik managed to escape her kennel during the flight from Seattle To Miami, despite being fully sedated. 

She literally chewed through the lock and got herself out, parading like a movie star in the cargo hold for who knows how long. Krajewski, being fully confident that his dog was well asleep, had no idea what was going on during this 6-hour flight.

However, the real show started after the plane landed – leaving baggage handlers in awe after they opened the door to the cargo hold! 

dog in airplane luggage
Source: TikTok

She was standing there at the door, as if she was waiting for the moment when she would get to step her paws on the ground and start giving autographs! 

She even seemed really happy when the door opened, not minding all the attention, and acting like a real celebrity! 

Her owner made a joke on TikTok, stating that “she was just standing there like she’s waiting for the red carpet.”

@johnkrajewski My Shiba Inu ‘Sputnik’ escapes her kennel mid flight! #shibainu #escapeartist #dogsoftiktok #airlines ♬ Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Pulling It Off Like A Champ

shiba inu dog giving high five
Source: @john_k.1

Sputnik kept her cool to the very end, acting like nothing happened! She just casually smiled at the workers and then ran to her owner, willing to pick up where they had left off before boarding the plane.

Krajewski, on the other hand, was terrified to see his dog unleashed, although he was quite impressed with how she managed to let herself out without anyone helping. 

In the end, he was so grateful that she was fine. Sputnik had no injuries whatsoever, nor was there any damage to the plane

owner with shiba inu
Source: @john_k.1

The dynamic duo has been rocking since 2019, when he first introduced Sputnik to the world as a 9-year-old baby. Krajewski and Sputnik have been inseparable ever since, traveling cross-country and embarking on all kinds of adventures together!

This is not the first time for her to be on a plane, but it’s definitely the first time for her to pull something like this off. 

Apparently, this pretty girl wanted to send a message, stating clearly that from now on – she’s ready to travel in first class, right next to her buddy!

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