Witness This Dog’s Amazing Transformation After She Loses Two Pounds Of Fur

A little doggo from Southern California, Max, embarked on the most unexpected adventure the other day. Little did he know that not everything would go as smoothly as he planned!

The pup named Max escaped his yard in the attempt to do a little wandering on his own, but as the time went by, he didn’t know how to make it home. He was officially – LOST!

To make things even worse – the sun made the sidewalk unbearably warm for this matted boi. Layers of tangled, dirty fur were hindering his every movement and he was having a really hard time coping with the intense sun. 

He really seemed like a lost cause until a woman spotted this tiny, poor canine on the street!

Max Was Wandering The Streets On His Own

dog with too much fur
Source: Facebook

A woman who was passing by spotted Max just in time! She immediately called Suzette Hall, of Logan’s Legacy, from Irvine, California.

When she finally arrived at the spot where Max was standing, Hall initially thought that he was an abandoned dog who had no one to take care of him. 

Logan’s Legacy To The Rescue

His fur was in really bad condition and he looked like he had spent months wandering the streets… but as soon as she stepped a little closer and took him in her arms – she knew that he had a home!

When she drove Max home, she learned that Max’s family deeply cared about their dog, but they didn’t have enough money to subject him to grooming with anesthesia

And, as it turned out – Max was turned down several times by groomers due to his behavior! 

“He would become completely vicious and every groomer would turn him away,” says Hall.

The family was in a real dead-end situation and they didn’t know what to do, but then Hall took over!

She offered to cover his grooming under anesthesia, stepping in like a true hero to the family who didn’t know what to say! They were so thrilled to finally be able to get Max’s incredibly matted fur shaved after so much time.

While he slept, the vet took care of him, shaving away all those mats hanging on Max. After a thorough grooming session, he removed around two whole pounds of fur from his body!

Man holding dogs fur in a bag
Source: Facebook

When he woke up, Max looked nothing like his old self! And, as it appeared, he really loved the fact that he doesn’t need to carry a ton of fur on his back!

“Literally 2 pounds of fur came off of him.”

A Brand New Doggo

White dog standing in closet
Source: Facebook

Thanks to Hall, Max is now a brand-new dog! He looked so happy and enthusiastic, but the biggest celebration began when he finally got home! 

“He was jumping literally in happiness. We will continue to help him for his grooming needs. We love you sweet boy,” Suzette wrote.

His family couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Max for the first time after the grooming! They literally cried at the reunion, and Max was just happy to be around them again!

And, for the future – Suzette will make sure that Max never gets himself in the same situation! She will stay in his life as a support pillar, making sure that he gets only the best in life!

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