Woman Adopted A Dog Who Helped Her Get Over A Very Tough Period In Life

Kelly McArdle went through a difficult time in her life as she lost not only her grandfather, but also her family dog.

Wanting to give a dog the life her family dog never had, Kelly attended an adoption event at her local shelter.

Meant to Be

Dog sitting near bridge
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At the event, Kelly came across a small crate with three dogs inside. While two dogs were jumping over each other in an attempt to be seen, the third one remained seated.

After seeing the sad little eyes this dog had, she knew that was the dog she was looking for. And, since she was adopted a day after Kelly’s grandfather passed away, she truly believed that they were made for each other.

Naming him Bailey, Kelly got an adorable addition to her family.

Dog and pumpkins
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Best Friends

Bailey and Kelly clicked right away as if they spoke the same language.

“I swear if a dog could talk, she would talk to me. It’s like I could say something to her and she immediately knows how to respond,” said Kelly.  

Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly after the adoption.

One day, as Kelly came home from work, she noticed that Bailey’s eyes were swollen, which ended up being a rare autoimmune disease that caused the eyes to protrude from the head.

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There was a lot of uncertainty and obviously, as a pet parent, I was really, really worried but I tried to keep it cool because she really feeds off my emotions.

After learning that it was relatively painless and that it would go away with the right treatment, Kelly was able to relax.

Kelly was back to her healthy state two weeks later, acting as if nothing had ever happened.

Bailey has a very interesting way of showing emotions. Every single morning, Bailey will take Kelly’s pajamas and carry them in her mouth, whining.

I think it’s just her way of saying like ‘You’re going to work, but I’ll still have a piece of you’.  

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New Member

Kelly visited a rescue by the name of Muddy Paws Rescue, based in New York City, where she met the sweetest dog by the name of Odin, who she knew would make a great friend for Bailey.

I’d say they’re kind of polar opposites, but they balance each other out.

Odin immediately became Bailey’s best friend and adventure buddy. He also loves to cuddle, even though Bailey doesn’t. However, Bailey can be seen snuggling next to her baby brother.

dog and puppy on a leash
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Odin also taught Bailey to be confident, transforming her from a very fearful dog into a relaxed and chill one.  

Now, they spend their days enjoying each other’s company and having the best time ever with their loving mom.

dog near lake
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Even though I am sure that Kelly loves them both equally, Bailey will always have a special place in her heart.

I think she is my heart dog and she was meant to be with me. I love her as unconditionally as she loves me on a daily basis.

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