Woman Couldn’t Believe What Somebody Left Behind In Front Of The Shelter

Our beloved canines always need our love and care to flourish. When they are puppies, that’s when they are in need of even more affection and care because they are very fragile.

Feeling loved and safe in our home, they become confident and happy dogs.

I feel brokenhearted to see more and more puppies being abandoned by their owners or surrendered to shelters.

Suddenly being deprived of a loving home represents a major shock for the little pups.

Zeus and Rocket, two adorable puppies, were shocked, too, after they found themselves at an unknown place without their beloved mom and their owners.

Feeling defenseless and frightened, they started trembling with fear without knowing what would happen next.

An Adorable Surprise

two scared puppies
Source: Friends of Detroit Animal Care And Control 

That morning, in April 2023, a volunteer at Detroit Animal Care And Control came to work unaware of the surprise that had been waiting for her. 

She was just about to open the door of the shelter when a man approached her, saying that he wanted to surrender dogs. 

The volunteer asked him to wait until she got the paperwork, but as soon as she came back, the man was nowhere to be found.

She looked around and was surprised to see two adorable puppies in the play yard. The pups were underweight and dirty, shivering with fear. 

It was very sad to see that these two cute fur babies had been neglected by their owners. 

“They were huddled together and cowering. Clearly fearful,” a representative from Friends of Detroit Animal Care and Control said.

The rescue staff was worried that the man might have abandoned more puppies, so they started searching the area.

Having confirmed that there were no other abandoned puppies, the shelter staff took the abandoned pups inside.

Enjoying Their Time At The Shelter

two puppies on a colorful blanket looking up at the camera
Source: Friends of Detroit Animal Care And Control

They gave them food and the hungry fur babies happily started eating. Once they were fed, they felt relaxed and they started exploring the shelter. 

Feeling safe and cared for, they enjoyed being at the shelter surrounded by wonderful and caring staff. 

One of their favorite things to do was play with toys.

The adorable puppies moved to Loving Hands Pet Rescue, in Lincoln Park, Michigan. Both siblings went to foster care, and they received a lot of love and care. 

Starting A New Life Filled With Love

photo of dog named zeus
Source: Loving Hands Pet Rescue & Wildlife Rehabilitation Inc.

Zeus stole the heart of his foster family. They couldn’t picture their life without him, so they decided to adopt him. His parents absolutely adore him. 

The family’s other dogs are very happy to share their forever home with Zeus. 

His brother, Rocket, went to another foster home, and continued searching for his forever family, hoping that he would be as lucky as his brother. 

dog sleeping in dog bed surrounded by dog toys
Source: Loving Hands Pet Rescue & Wildlife Rehabilitation Inc.

In May 2023, Loving Hands Pet Rescue shared the news on their Facebook page that Rocket, now named Jamison, found his wonderful parents and the loving home he had been dreaming of. The moment they saw him, they fell in love with him. 

Jamison loves playing with his toys and spending time with his doggy sibling. 

Showered with love and affection, they will grow into self-confident pups who will never feel afraid and rejected again.

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