Woman Living In Pennsylvania Shocked By An Unusual Visitor Resting In Her Flower Bed

Aah… early spring! 

Nature is waking up, slowly one day at a time. Right before you know it, the days are longer, warmer, and full of excitement. 

Everything becomes alive at springtime. Animals, plants, and even humans… 

The first spring flowers; those brave little heroes against the cold, are peeking underneath the remaining snow patches.

And, what’s that?

Is that a snow patch, too? 

No, that’s some sort of a flower, definitely! 

But, flowers don’t stare back at you. 

Flowers don’t shake from the cold.

Flowers don’t beg for help.

The early morning brought a special surprise to a woman from Malvern, Pennsylvania. 

Karen woke up that day, never knowing she’ll find…

What Kind Of Flower Is That?

the white dog left in the flower bed is sleeping
Source: Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery

It seemed like it would be a normal morning. 

Drinking a cup of coffee, waking up slowly, running errands in her head.

Yep, Karen had it all planned.

What she didn’t plan was to find a visitor in one of her empty flower beds.

It couldn’t be flowers! They don’t grow overnight.

When Karen took a closer look, she noticed the visitor was staring right back at her soul.

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It was a stray dog… all trebling and frozen from the cold, March weather.

a white dog is lying in a flower bed
Source: Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery

The woman rushed outside and brought a blanket with her to warm up the freezing pup, and a bowl of comforting chicken soup. The poor creature was all wet and dirty, and Karen knew she couldn’t do much to help.

She needed professionals. 

A few moments later, she was on the phone with Nicole Asher, from Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery. Asher instructed the woman to bring out more food for the dog to help him relax. No sudden movements… no sudden catching.

That dog needed to be comfortable in a foreign environment in order to be caught.

“Karen calmly and quietly putting out food and leaving her be allowed [the dog] to feel comfortable enough to return.”, said Asher. 

The women were hoping the pup in need would eventually hop in the crate Asher had ready for her. 

Surprise, surprise! 

This dog was such a good girl! Asher and Karen didn’t wait long for the freezing pup to hop into the crate. They rushed her straight to the Buddha Rescue center to check if she was chipped.

the girls saved the white dog
Source: Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery

And, she sure was!

Asher found out that the dog was in a foster program with MatchDog Rescue. Her name was Ella, and she ran away two weeks ago. What truly surprised everyone was the fact that Ella’s foster home was 12 miles away. 

This girl walked all the way from her home to Karen’s home in Malvern. 

the dog lies on his pillow and sleeps
Source: thedodo.com

“We were beyond thrilled,” Asher wrote. “I immediately contacted the number, and after they got over the initial shock, there were lots of happy tears and cries of joy. The president of the rescue came and took her back to her home to decompress and rest from her traumatic time on the run. She settled right in and has become a big couch potato.”

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Ella is doing great! From a stray dog that was found under a bush, just after giving birth, to a loving house pet, she went through a lot. She had quite a journey. 

Now, it’s time for Ella to unwind, relax, and breathe in the beauty life has to offer her.

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