Woman Noticed A Stray Dog Sheltering At Her Doorstep And Decided To Take Him In

They say that if it’s meant to be, it will find its way – and boi was that true in the case of Mello!

This Labrabull boy was all alone in this world, without a home or a family to call his own. He roamed the streets of Los Angeles for days, hoping that someone would be kind enough to embrace him, or at least give him some food to survive.

One day, a woman checked her security camera footage only to discover that Mello kept coming to her doorstep every night to sleep. What he didn’t know at the time was that his life was about to change – for the better!

Looking For A Home To Call His Own

a stray dog sits on the sidewalk
Source: The Dodo

When Emily’s neighbor, who was out of town at the time, spotted a dog sleeping on her porch over her security camera, she contacted her other neighbors who tried to help this poor boi.

They tried to capture Mello several times, but he was just too afraid and traumatized to let anyone near

“He was definitely nervous. His tail was down, but I think he knew that we were trying to help him,” Emily told The Dodo. 

portrait of three cute dogs looking at the camera
Source: The Dodo

One day, Emily went for a walk in a Los Angeles neighborhood with her two other dogs, Chibi and Kokoro, when Mello stumbled upon them. He literally followed her two other dogs, as if he knew that he’d be safe around them.

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Emily immediately took Mello in, and after she realized that he was not only lost, but abandoned, she decided to foster him until he found a permanent home.

She needed to take things slow, as Mello was still so scared, but eventually, he stepped inside her house for the first time in his life!

Emily gave him a meal and lots of cuddles to make sure he relaxed a bit, but he was still quite nervous.

“He looked like he had never been inside before. His tail was down, and he was looking around really sheepishly. Once we gave him a little bit of time to come in, he picked a place to settle down,” said Emily.

He slowly inspected the inside of his new foster home, as if he was trying to make sure that he was not gonna be hurt. Eventually, he found a place in the corner of the room, lied there, and took a well-deserved nap.

One Night Is All It Took For Mello To Unwind

the dog licks the girl in the car
Source: The Dodo

The next morning, Mello was a lot more comfortable with his new housemates. He even let Emily pet him while he was lying on the floor, and his new siblings, Chibi and Kokoro, were just so happy to have him around!

“Even after just staying with us that first night, he started looking a little bit more joyful already,” says Emily. 

dog portrait on laminate
Source: @the.labrabull.mello

Emily took him to a vet, and his health turned out to be impeccable! He didn’t even have worms or fleas, and all he needed was a nice, warm shower to start a new chapter of his life! 

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Over the next couple of days, Emily made sure to make Mello as comfortable as possible. He ate well, played with his new siblings, took comfy naps on the couch, and went for walks with his new family!

Still, she knew that he couldn’t stay with them, as he was displaying signs of separation anxiety and needed someone to be around 24/7. But then, a man showed up!

Off To A Furever Home

portrait of a dog being kissed by a man
Source: @the.labrabull.mello

Emily sought to find the right home for Mello – and one day, the pawfect adopter appeared from around the corner! He learned Mello’s story from social media, and immediately fell in love with him, so he decided to meet this sweet Labrabull.

Right there – Mello reciprocated his new dad’s interest, and immediately showered him with love! Emily knew right off the bat that he had found his perfect match, which is why she was more than happy to give him away.

Even though he was in her life for just a short amount of time, he left lifetime pawprints all over Emily’s heart! And now – he’s ready to embark on new adventures with his new dad!

You can keep up with Mello and his owner on his official Instagram!

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