Woman Saves A Tiny Animal From A Dangerous Highway, Then Learns Its True Identity

Karenlynn Stracher is an experienced wildlife rehabilitator and rescuer. She has never hesitated to take action when an animal life is at stake, even if the situation is very difficult. 

In addition, this incredible woman has a long career as a New York City paramedic, where she has saved hundreds of lives throughout her own life. That is why she never refuses any challenge of doing a good deed. 

So, one day, when she got a message about one wild animal stranded in the middle of a nearby highway, Stracher immediately dropped everything and headed over to that place. 

She Dashed Through Traffic To Save Him

wild animal stuck on the highway
Source: wildliferehab_kl

Although there was a traffic jam on the streets of New York, Stracher managed to get to the place relatively quickly. On the other side of the road, she saw the poor little animal watching the traffic on both sides of the road, unable to move from that spot. 

When she looked a little closer, she saw that it was a lonely possum. She had to react quickly to protect the little one, as cars were rushing at high speeds and few people were even paying attention to him.

In these situations, she would usually call the police, who would stop the traffic so she could perform a rescue mission. However, this time, she was left to fend for herself because the local authorities were not able to come at that moment.

“I got all of my equipment ready, and then I watched traffic patterns for a few minutes,” Stracher told The Dodo. “When I saw a break in traffic long enough for me to cross to the median, I took the opportunity.”

a woman steps up to save a wild animal on the highway
Source: wildliferehab_kl

When she got to that exact place, Stracher slowly approached the possum, holding a fleece blanket in her hand with which she intended to catch him.

Since the poor guy was all distracted and overwhelmed, Stracher knew she had only one attempt to cover him with a blanket.

We did not doubt that an experienced wildlife rescuer like Stracher would succeed in this. She grabbed him, wrapped him in a blanket, and took him to her car on the other side of the street.

a woman saved a wild animal
Source: wildliferehab_kl

As with her other brave endeavors, this rescue was also a pure success. 

He Is Back Where He Belongs

a woman carries a rescued wild animal wrapped in a blanket
Source: wildliferehab_kl

Although Stracher knew very well that it was not the ideal place for a possum, she had to take him home with her to see if there were any injuries.

The frightened animal was not at all friendly to Stracher as she examined him, but this experienced wildlife rescuer knew that this was completely normal. So, she did the job very successfully to the end without much ado.

When she finally determined that her fuzzy little friend was okay, Stracher immediately found a place to release him.

“I’m happy that he has a place nearby that is safe and provides him access to water and natural foods,” Stracher said.

The little possum was finally on his way to the wild, right where he belongs. And, although this “treatment” did not please him at all, he surely felt somewhere deep in his heart that this woman had helped him.

We believe that out there in the wilderness, he will always carry the memory of her noble act.

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