Woman Shocked To Learn That What She Thought Was Just A Black Garbage Bag Was Actually Something Else Entirely

For Shena, seeing trash bags on the side of the highway on her way home is an everyday thing. However, she was driving one day, enjoying the blueberry fields, and spotted an unusual ‘black bag of garbage’, which made her pull over and check it out!

And, good thing she did as it was probably one of the best decisions she ever made!

Her gut told her that instead of a bag of garbage, she could find something really precious, and boi was she right!

“My Gut Told Me I Had To Check It Out”

injured pitbull lying down
Source: @shey.shey_west.coast

Deep inside, Shena realized that the distant thing lying curled up in the blueberry field next to a highway could actually be a dog! When she came a little closer, there she was!

photo of injured pittie lying on grass
Source: @shey.shey_west.coast

A fearful black Pittie with sad eyes and no one around was lying in the field. She immediately tried to help him, but this doggo girl was just too afraid to let Shena save her. She started running away, but she couldn’t go far as her hind leg was severely injured.

injured black pittie
Source: @shey.shey_west.coast

Eventually, after 30 to 40 minutes of convincing, Shena established a connection with the dog, making a leash out of her fanny pack strap and walking the dog to her van.

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“Everything in her face was just calling out for help. I was like: ‘Oh, my God! You’re breaking my heart. I need to help you.’,” Shena told The Dodo.

Blueberry Had A Long Way To Recovery

pittie lying down at the animal hospital
Source: @shey.shey_west.coast

Shena took the dog to RAPS Animal Hospital, where she found out that she had a broken hind leg and needed surgery to recover. 

The dog she later named “Blueberry”, in honor of the blueberry field she found her in, was scanned for a microchip, and Shena found out that she had no owners.

She immediately took her in and knew that Blueberry was gonna be her special girl, making into Shena’s big canine and feline family!

black pittie named blueberry
Source: @shey.shey_west.coast

She had surgery two days after she was found, and then a four-month-long recovery. The amazing thing was – Blueberry was a star patient, despite her difficult past. She was such a good girl throughout the entire process, making all of her vet visits a piece of cake!

Eventually, her leg fully healed, and she was finally able to walk and run like a normal dog.

“Blueberry runs, plays and jumps around like nothing ever even happened to her leg,” Shena wrote in the Instagram post.

“She goes on long walks, hikes, runs, etc. She also loves having crazy, hilarious zoomies in the backyard, going paddleboarding and playing/wrestling with her doggie friends. Blueberry is positively incredible,” Shena says.

Living The Best Life In A New Home

four dogs in a crate
Source: @shey.shey_west.coast

Today, Blueberry is a brand-new Pittie girl living her best life! She adapted to her new family in no time and now she’s everyone’s sweetheart! Aside from her canine siblings, Blueberry has such an amazing relationship with her cat buddy.

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“It was crazy to think how far she’s come. She obviously went through some pretty horrible things, and yet she is able to come through that and out of it a really super loving dog,” Shena told The Dodo.

pittie blueberry lying on a rock
Source: @shey.shey_west.coast

We really hope she keeps on making unforgettable memories with her big family and never stops being the happy, smiling girl she is!

You can find Blueberry on Shena’s Instagram and keep up with her little adventures!

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