Woman Shocked To Realize Her Dog Has A ‘Self-Portrait’ On His Chest

After over four years of having her pet dog, named Murph, one dog owner made a remarkable discovery that left her utterly astonished. 

Little did she know that her beloved canine companion bore an expected surprise all those years without her even knowing. 

The Schnauzer-Bichon mix dog, named Murph, has gone viral all over the world with his unique marking on his chest. 

Once you have seen it, you will not be able to unsee it! 

A Wonderful Realization

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Source: Fox News

Fran Dickson had Murph for over four years, but she hadn’t noticed anything unusual about him. Until one day…

Murph’s fur was really matted and knotty, so she thought it was best to bring him to the groomer’s salon to give him a proper clean and shave. 

“He was very matted and knotty — the groomer had to shave really closely all over,” Fran said.

That was the first time Murph was shaved that closely all over. Not only did he look like a completely different dog, but to Fran’s surprise, he had a ‘picture’ of a dog on his chest. 

Looking carefully at Murph’s torso, Fran noticed a marking on his fur that looked like a spitting image of Murph himself. 

Unbelievable. Murph has a ‘self-portrait’ on his chest!

a shaved dog posing on the left and a close-up of a dog's chest with a marking on the right
Source: Facebook

All this time, Murph had this incredible spot on his chest that looked like him, and Fran didn’t even know it. 

If Murph hadn’t been groomed, his unique spot wouldn’t have been revealed. 

“When you’ve had a dog for over 4 years, but only just realised he has a picture of himself on his chest!” Fran wrote in her Facebook post.

Knowing that this must be unique to Murph, Fran posted his picture to the Facebook group, Things With Faces, and naturally, his picture went viral.   

dog with funny chest
Source: Fox News

Other pet lovers loved the resemblance just as much as Fran did.

The post garnered thousands of likes and comments very quickly. One person called it a “Murph mark”, while another called the resemblance “un-canine-y”.

Many people have also noticed the similarity between the marking on Murph’s chest and Snowy, a fictional character in the comic series, The Adventures of Tintin

While I have to agree with the Snowy reference, I still like to believe that Murph has a picture of himself on his chest. 

One thing is for sure – our pets never cease to amaze us, one way or another. 

Are there any weird or unique things about your dog?

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