Woman Stunned To Discover The Most Adorable Dog Family In An Abandoned Barn

There is something so innocent and beautiful in dogs that their mere presence can brighten someone’s day.

They are a shining example of all the qualities we, as humans, should strive to have. As such, they are our greatest companions in life, and the greatest inspiration to be better.

In this story, we will cover a story where one such quality is being shown by the kind staff members of a shelter who work to make this world a better place.

A Curious And Exciting Encounter

dogs near construction
Source: Northeast Texas Rescue Organization

During one of her truck inspections in Northeast Texas a few months ago, a woman named Robin Clemons discovered something unusual across the street.

When she looked closer, she realized that it was a dog. Suddenly, more of them were pouring out of one place.

Now, Clemons was curious, so she asked her mechanics about the dogs, and he said that they had been living in an abandoned barn for a while.

She really wanted to help them, so she rushed home for some food and a couple of blankets.

When Robins came back to feed the dogs, she noticed that they were a bit skittish, likely due to the fact that they hadn’t interacted with any humans up to that point. 

three little puppies
Source: Northeast Texas Rescue Organization

That didn’t stop them from enjoying their meal, however, and all of them were satisfied with the help they received.

Robins counted all of them and there were a total of nine puppies and their mother.

Initiate A Rescue Operation

cute black dog with blue eyes
Source: Northeast Texas Rescue Organization

After this pleasant encounter, she contacted Northeast Texas Rescue Organization (NETRO), and they were ready to help out in no time.

The NETRO staff set up many food traps to lure the dogs in and take them to the shelter, and all of them took the bait sooner or later.

The mother was the only one who avoided them at all cost, and the staff was unable to catch her at the same time as the puppies. 

Once they were finally at the foster home, the puppies were a bit confused. The NETRO team told The Dodo: It was very apparent that they were not used to humans at all.

They continued by saying: They are getting to see a lot of new animals. When the cows approach their fence, it makes them go crazy with excitement, wanting to know these new strange creatures.

It took some time, but all of them got used to their new environment and grew to love it a lot. A lot still awaits them on their journey, and soon enough, they might just find their forever home and a family who will love them unconditionally.

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