Woman Surprised By The Real Identity Of A Sheep-Looking Animal Running Along The Road

When a kind soul saw a sheep-like animal running along the road, she had to stop and see what was really going on.

Getting a bit closer, she realized that this strange little animal was actually a little stray dog whose fur got so overgrown it looked like a little curly sheep.

The woman immediately knew she needed to help the poor thing.

Strange Little Dog

dog that looks like a sheep
Source: YouTube.com

The dog was very hungry and he seemed as if he had been through a lot

When the woman brought out some treats, he started jumping around her, asking for more as soon as he would swallow the food she had already given him.

The delicious food sure did give him some energy. Even with all of that overgrown fur, he was still jumping around and being very active.

When the woman was ready to leave, he wasn’t ready to say goodbye. He ran towards her car, putting in all of his strength, trying to jump in.   

dog getting in the car
Source: YouTube.com

It was clear that this dog was coming home with her.

At Home

When they arrived home, not only did she give him a proper meal, but a very fitting name, too, – Little Sheep.

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After Little Sheep had his delicious lunch, it was haircut time.

cute dog, close up view
Source: YouTube.com

The woman carefully started trimming off all of that matted fur that was weighing Little Sheep down, preventing him from walking and jumping properly.

Little Sheep was a very good boy during his haircut. It was as if he understood that the hooman was helping him and that he was finally out of harm’s way.

His matting was so severe that after she finished grooming him, the cut off fur looked like a big sheepskin blanket.

dog gets shaved
Source: YouTube.com

As soon as all of that excess fur was removed, Little Sheep was given a much-needed bath!

Because his new mom was concerned that he got used to all that fur keeping him warm, she gave him a little padded jacket so that he wouldn’t start shivering and catch a cold.

Final Word

Thanks to this kind-hearted woman, Little Sheep is now living in a happy home, surrounded by other dogs who are just as adorable as him. 

Let this story be a reminder that in order for your dog to stay happy and healthy, he needs regular brushing and grooming!

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