Woman Was Heartbroken When She Saw What Was Hiding In A Plastic Box By The Road

When a woman saw a plastic box on the side of the road, she was intrigued to see what was inside it. Since the mysterious box was closed and she didn’t hear any sound coming from it, the woman didn’t know what to think.

She approached the box, and once she opened the lid, she was surprised to see five little puppies huddled together. While the sweet babies were looking at their hero with hope-filled eyes, the woman felt sad because they were abandoned in such a cruel way. 

The Abandoned Puppies Are Taken To Safety

puppies in a plastic box
Source: RSPCA via The Dodo

She took action immediately and called the RSPCA. Worried that the puppies were hungry, the kind-hearted woman bought them some puppy milk and drove them to the rescue. The staffers took them in and gave them the emergency care they needed.

“The caller wasn’t sure whether the pups had been abandoned overnight or early in the morning, but the lid was swimming in a puddle of water so the puppies had been left outside for some time during the rain,” Liz Wheeler, an inspector with the RSPCA, said.

abandoned puppies
Source: RSPCA via The Dodo

The lovely puppies underwent a medical checkup, and thankfully, they were found to be in good health. It was determined that the puppies were from two different litters.

Two of the fur babies were a few days old and they hadn’t even opened their eyes yet. The three other puppies were approximately three weeks old. They snuggled and comforted each other.

Giving Them A Lot Of LOVE 

abandoned puppy sleeps
Source: RSPCA via The Dodo

The experienced staff members gave the younger puppies the around-the-clock care they needed. They fed them and kept them warm.

Surrounded with love and pampered with great care, all of the puppies started thriving and showing the staff how resilient they were.

The RSPCA staff was happy that the puppies made it through, and Wheeler thanked the Good Samaritan who found them and brought them to safety right away.

brown puppy
Source: RSPCA via The Dodo

Although it’s not clear whether they were adopted, we have no doubt that the fur babies, as adorable as they are, quickly stole the hearts of their forever parents.

This story highlights the importance of acting quickly whenever we encounter an animal in need of our help. 

Sadly, there are many strays and abandoned canines who have nobody to rely on. Let’s be there for them and help them in the best way we can.

Please take action and reach out to the local rescues as soon as you come across abandoned pets. The precious and innocent animals deserve a chance to find their happily-ever-after. 

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