Woman Was Shocked When She Saw What Was In The Bushes Near Her House

It was supposed to be just a regular night for Jen Edmondson, a woman living in southeastern Texas. As she went outside the house, she walked right by her mailbox, spotting two big black eyes peeking from the nearby bushes.

Quite confused at first, she decided to step a little closer, and there he was – a pawdorable white doggo practically begging for help through his kind stare…

He Was All Alone In This World

Pyrenees hide in the bushes
Source: @laughingfrogstudio 

The dog was clearly lost, but assuming from his calm and tender demeanor, Jen realized he had a family before. She immediately took a video of him and posted it on social media, inquiring about his potential owners.

a beautiful white dog walks down the street
Source: @laughingfrogstudio

“Found him alone and wandering. Turns out he’s super sweet, but no one has claimed him. So we’re fostering him with a local rescue organization,” wrote Jen on her TikTok account.

@laughingfrogstudio Meet our foster rescue. Found him alone and wandering. Turns out he’s super sweet, but no one has claimed him. So we’re fostering him with a local rescue organization. We’ll have more details later. #rescuedog #rescuedogs #fosterdog #fosterdogs #greatpyrenees #abandoneddog #abandondeddogs #doglover #doglovers #dogsarelove #dogsareloved #humaneyesdog #lostdog #greatpyraneesmix #greatpyreneesmix #greatpyreneesoftiktok ♬ Homeward Bound – William Joseph

As it turned out, many more people saw the dog wandering the streets around the town, but no one exactly knew whether or not he actually belonged to someone.

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So, Jen decided to step in!

Jen Steps In As A Temporary Foster

a white dog takes a picture with a smiling woman
Source: @laughing_frog_studio

After taking him in on a temporary basis, Jen subjected the doggo to his first initial checkup. According to the vet, the dog was a two-year-old Great Pyrenees!

He suggested that Jen foster the dog through Columbus Rescue Dogs, from Columbus, Texas, since no one else claimed him. And, she did it! 

However, there was a teeny, tiny problem for Jen!

Even though everything started out as a temporary solution, she slowly started falling in love with the dog, which she later named Gibbous (after the gibbous moon that shone in the sky the night she found him).

“If I’m being honest, I’m falling in love! He is the sweetest dog and he’s always smiling at me! So we’re getting pretty close to a foster fail here. I’m too vested in this sweet, happy gentle giant,” wrote Jen.

Every new day, Gibbous felt more comfortable around his foster mom, and he didn’t seem to let go easily. And, neither did she!

Gibbous – A Pawdorable Foster Fail

a beautiful white dog is sitting and looking at the camera
Source: @laughing_frog_studio

After a few months of fostering and preparing Gibbous for potential adopters – Jen made the decision to adopt Gibbous for good!

She couldn’t stand the idea of not being around him anymore, and since no one else stepped forward and claimed this gorgeous gentle giant – she was more than happy to keep him in the family!

And, it seems that Gibbous didn’t mind that idea at all!

Enjoying His Unexpected Home

@laughingfrogstudio Life is good for this recue foster Gibbous. Hes sooooo good at car rides, outdoor dining, loving people!’❤️❤️❤️ #rescuedog #rescuedogs #rescuedog #fosterdog #fosterdogs #fosterdogsoftiktok #fosterdogsarethebest #fosterdogsrule #rescueddogsoftiktok #rescuedogsoftiktok #rescueddogs #rescueddogsrock #dogcarrides #dogcarride #gibbous #fosterfail #fostereddogs #fosterfailuresarethebest #greatpyrenees #greatpyr #greatpyrrescue WATCH MORE GIBBOUS TIKTOKS 👉🏻@Laughing Frog Studio @Laughing Frog Studio @Laughing Frog Studio ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

He seems to enjoy his spacious yard very much! But, on top of all that – he loves Jen the most.

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He’s completely into car rides, long walks, and frolicking around with his new momma. He sometimes may be stubborn, but then again – he just gets away with it due to his adorable smile!

“Life is good for this rescue foster Gibbous. Hes sooooo good at car rides, outdoor dining, loving people,” says his momma.

a beautiful white dog is lying on the grass
Source: @laughing_frog_studio

We’re so glad to see Gibbous happy in his new home, and we wish him and his momma a long, joyful life together!

Aside from their TikTok, you can follow Jen and Gibbous’ adventures on their Instagram, too.

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