Workers Adopt A Stray Dog, He Soon Becomes The Face Of A Company

Working on a counter can be boring for some people, but not for this little dog. In the busy world of ours, having dogs on the job can brighten things up.

A dog named Tucson has found a home and a job in a company – yes, a job. He quickly became everyone’s favorite at work. Pretty odd to find a dog “working”, but it sure made his colleagues’ lives a bit more satisfied.

Every Dog Has His Day

cute dog with glasses
Source: @tucson_prime

The workers noticed a stray dog who would often pass by their company. As time went on, the dog started spending more and more time around the company. The workers grew fond of the dog and quickly developed a love for him. 

One stormy night, they decided to let the dog into the store, they couldn’t bear to leave him outside in the cold and rain. The presence of people made the dog incredibly happy, and the workers were glad they rescued him and provided him with a safe place.

From A Stray To A Hard Worker

dog laying on the floor with cars
Source: @tucson_prime

Emerson Mariano, the showroom manager, couldn’t resist and decided to adopt him, making the store his home. He easily won the hearts of the workers with his cuteness, and he had a calm demeanor because he felt safe among them.

They named the dog Tucson Prime, and ensured he received necessary medical care by taking him to the veterinarian. Tucson then became an official member of the Hyundai Prime showroom, and it turned out to be a great move because customers adored him. 

They employed him as a “professional consultant” and gave him phone training. Tucson was promoted to front of house, even though the first idea was just to give the dog a warm place to rest due to his natural ability to greet and connect with guests.

He proved to be an excellent worker and even brightened the workdays for the employees.

Becoming A Face Of The Company

dog posing with gifts
Source: @tucson_prime

The workers were much more relaxed at work, thanks to Tucson; he brought only positive energy to them. Tucson even received his own employee ID card. His life changed overnight, and now Tucson has his own big family, a home, and even a job.

Hyundai noticed this little hardworking employee and requested him to be part of a national advertising campaign. Additionally, Tucson got his own Instagram account where you can follow him daily.

It’s truly an incredible story of one dog, and we hope Tucson will be with his colleagues for many more years, happy, loved, and satisfied.

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