You Will Never Guess What This Deaf Dog Does When He Sees A Husky

I believe that every dog parent looks at their dog thinking that they are the most special dog in the whole wide world. However, I’m pretty sure that we can all agree that the pup of today’s story is special on a whole new level.  

Mordecai, the most adorable dog ever, had a pretty hard life growing up. However, luck sure did smile upon him as he became a part of a family who loves every single one of his quirks.

And, even though he has a lot of them, one sure does stand out.

Meet Mordecai

husky on the beach
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Lauren and Harrison met Mordecai through an Ohio-based rescue named Speak For The Unspoken. Unfortunately, Mordecai went through a failed adoption, leaving him heartbroken. However, the second he saw the couple, all three of them knew that they were going to have the time of their lives together.

With Mordecai being deaf, Lauren and Harrison believed that they were perfectly equipped to take care of him, considering they were already proud parents of two cats with disabilities.

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Source: @meetmayacat

Although Mordecai’s history is pretty unknown, the pair, as well as the Ohio rescue staff, could tell that it was far from happy.

“We were able to tell just by the way he acts and things like that he came from an abusive situation in the south just based on like the kinds of people he’s afraid of and the way he reacts,” Lauren told GeoBeats.

Nevertheless, Lauren and Harrison were determined to give him the best life ever.

One Interesting Doggo

Although his parents think that having a deaf dog is pretty cool, considering they don’t have to worry about him being scared of doorbells and fireworks, there are still some downsides to it.

“If he were to run away, we can’t call him back. We have a GPS tracker on him for that reason. Or when he is in the yard barking, we look like terrible dog parents because we don’t yell at him to come in because we can’t,” she added.

Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.

Objavu dijeli Maya the Cat & Family (@meetmayacat)

But, what causes Mordecai to bark the most is huskies. He simply does not like them.

“He will go nuts especially if they are huskies. Typically, it doesn’t sound like regular barking, we like to say like a woman in a horror film. He is louder than I think he ever realizes he’s being, but that’s okay,” said Lauren.

Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.

Objavu dijeli Maya the Cat & Family (@meetmayacat)

Apart from screaming at huskies and his puppy energy, Mordecai is a very intelligent pup. In order to communicate with his parents, he managed to learn sign language as easy as it was to play fetch!

“Overall, he’s very friendly. Once he gets to know you, he will snuggle up all over you. He walks up to the mailman every day and like flops down for him to be pet,” she added.

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Source: @meetmayacat

Final Word

There is no doubt that Mordecai is one special dog!

From getting out of an abusive life to finding somebody who accepts him for who he truly is, this adorable puppy couldn’t be happier.

Good boy, Mordecai!

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