You Won’t Believe The Shocking Discovery This Woman Made After Following A Stray Dog

It’s a common thing nowadays to see a stray dog in need of help. Some of them will follow you and ask for food or water.

Others will politely wag their tail in hopes that you can adopt them and take them to your home.

In this unusual story, a woman was stopped by a dog for a totally different reason, and it will surprise you.

A Huge Surprise

brown dog sitting in the car

During one of her errands, a woman named Mizti Brogdon, had stumbled upon an unusual dog in one of the parking lots off a road in Oklahoma.

Brogdon is the president of the Street Dog Rescue and Recovery, so seeing a sad dog in need was hard to ignore.

She got out of her car and got close to the dog, later named Dolly. The woman was pretty surprised by her friendliness.

Brogdon told The Dodo: She came right up to me, let me pet her.

She quickly realized that Dolly was asking something from the woman, who was curious as to how to help her.

It became pretty apparent that she wanted Brogdon to follow her somewhere.

It’s Raining Puppies

mother dog and her puppies

Brogdon said: She started walking up the path to the cell tower, and I followed her. That’s when I saw all the puppies spilling out from behind this fallen log.

The puppies were a bit hesitant, but somewhat curious when they saw her, and she was just wondering how many of them were there.

She counted 16 puppies in total, which came as a huge shock because Brogdon had never seen something like this.

After giving it some thought, she came to the conclusion that these puppies were likely from different litters and that many of them were not Dolly’s babies. Instead, she was just taking care of them like the good mom she is.

It was at this point that Brogdon realized she needed some help, so she called a friend of hers as a backup, and together, they trapped all the puppies and took them to a shelter.

dog on leash on parking

Now was the time to solve the second problem. There were just too many of them, so Brogdon figured it was best to ask for help from other organizations, so she went live on Facebook and four different animal shelters from Oklahoma reached out.

Those were: Forever Yours Dog Rescue, 405 Animal Rescue, The Fuzzy Friends Fund and Safe Haven Animal Rescue.

The puppies were taken to a vet where they went through standard checkup and treatment procedures. Later, they were assigned to a foster home where they would await their eventual adoption.

Dolly was eventually taken in by a new family and she now enjoys life in her forever home with people who love her very much.

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